Soakaway Drainage in Southampton

Soakaways work by collecting water from drains and surface water to then disperse the water underground away from the property instead of it being stored. We do this by digging a hole in the ground and install a soakaway it then catches surface water and storm water and prevents it from building up on the surface which may cause flooding. The water then leaves the soakaway into the underground away from the home or property.

We install, repair and maintain soakaways in Southampton and the surrounding areas, all of our staff are fully trained and insured to carry out installations, repairs and maintenance of soakaways. When it comes to installing soakaways some factors may come into account.

  • The size of the area which needs draining.
  • The average rainfall for that area.
  • The size of the digging area.
  • How close other buildings are.
  • The type of earth whether it is soil or clay, as clay doesn’t allow water to pass.

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