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Surface Water Drainage

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Surface Water Drainage

Standing water on the surface is a major problem for a lot of properties in the UK. These issues can cause long-term structural damage and ruin your property. Standing water is often a sign that there is something wrong with your home or business’ drainage or can be caused by flooding. Surface water drainage can be an essential service to remove unwanted water across your property.

Here at Drainage Care, we can provide complete surface water drainage services for all kinds of properties. Whether you’ve suffered flooding due to a burst riverbank or because of a blockage in your drains, we are here to help. We can remove all standing water from your property. In many cases, we can even clear out your drains, eliminate blockages and return your systems to their full working condition.

What are the Common Causes of Surface Water?

Water can be prevented from entering your drainage system if there are any problems with your drains. This could be due to anything from blockages in your drains, to gully debris preventing water from entering your pipes. Surface water can also be caused by collapsed pipes and other serious damages to your pipes.

Collapsed pipes will accept water, but then force it back out into your property. This can be extremely serious as it will cause your property to become waterlogged. Waterlogged soil will not accept any more water – as such, this can contribute to a higher volume of standing water.

In addition to drainage issues, some common causes of flooding and surface water can include:

  • Extremely Heavy Rainfall.
  • Uneven Ground Surface.
  • Nearby Rivers Breaking Their Banks.

Potential Problems Caused by Surface Water on Your Property

If surface water can remain on your property, it can have a range of serious issues. In addition to cosmetic damage to your garden and other areas, there are also several structural concerns. If your soil becomes too waterlogged, it will swell and shrink as water enters and leaves the space.

This can lead to serious damage to the foundations of your property. In some cases, it is possible for your foundations to shift or even crack, depending on the weight of the soil around them. If your foundations do suffer any kind of damage, your property is more vulnerable to subsidence.

Surface water can also make your property inaccessible. Having to wade through standing water, particularly if it has carried waste or effluence out of your drains. Standing water can make your property extremely unsafe and hazardous to access. It is common for surface water drainage to deal with water which has been tainted with human waste.

How Does Surface Water Drainage Work?

Here at Drainage Care, we can provide complete surface water drainage for all kinds of properties. If you’re having difficult eliminating water on your property, we are here for you. We can help you to remove all standing water and prevent long-term structural damage to your home or business. In addition to the initial drainage of your property, we can install long-term solutions to remove the risk of surface water in the future.

Our experienced groundworks team can install soakaways and other solutions to facilitate the long-term removal of surface water. These drainage solutions can work to remove all kinds of standing water in a variety of properties. Our experienced team will be able to install hard-wearing and high-quality drainage solutions to eliminate all kinds of standing water.

For Surface Water Drainage in Wessex, Call the Drainage Care Team Today

Here at Drainage Care, our experienced team can remove all kinds of surface water from a variety of properties. In addition to the initial removal of surface water from your property, we can install reliable solutions to eliminate the risk in the future. We can provide a high-quality removal and installation service for a wide range of properties in the UK, including:

  • Domestic, including Detached, Semi-Detached, Terraced and Blocks of Flats.
  • Commercial Properties, such as Supermarkets, Individual Stores, Offices and More.
  • Industrial Buildings, like Warehouses and Power Plants.
  • Infrastructure, such as Roads, Railway Lines and Tram Lines.
  • Public Areas, including Parks and Gardens.

For more information on the water drainage services that we can provide, get in touch with our team today. The experienced engineers at Drainage Care can help you to eliminate all kinds of surface water and prevent it from seriously damaging your property.

You can reach our specialist team by calling us directly on 0800 193 9973. If you prefer, you can email any questions or concerns that you might have through our simple online contact form. Just leave us your message and contact information, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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