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Soakaway problems in Bournemouth?

We at Drainage Care UK can help with all your soakaway problems in Bournemouth, we have a team of technicians who are friendly and always ready to help when needed.

A soakaway is usually apart of a drainage system that is connected up to a septic tank. The job of the soakaway is to allow any water that is left over from the septic tank to flow into the soils in the earth. The water waste that comes from the septic tank into the soakaway is treated by the particles in soil and then it disperses into the surrounding earth.

Some factors of soakaway systems.

  • Depending on the size of the property will depend on the size of the soakaway required.
  • The amount of waste that it needs to process.

  • The type of earth that it will flow into, if it is soil it is fine but things like clay do not allow water to pass through and would cause back up problems.

What Can Cause Soakaway Problems?

There can be a variety of things that can cause problems to a soakaway system. One of the main issues is that the soakaway system is underground so we cant see it with the naked eye, this is where our CCTV surveys come in handy as we can feed a camera into the system to check for damages, blockages and plant / tree root problems. Damage caused to the septic tank can block up the soakaway. This happens because the septic tank only allows water to go through into the soakaway and if the septic tank is damaged sometimes lumpy waste escapes into the soakaway causing it to blocked up.

Other things that can cause problems to Soakaways in Bournemouth

  • Damage to the pipes joining the septic tank to the soakaway.
  • Septic tank damage that allows surface water to enter.
  • Damage from tree roots

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