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How to clean sewer lines of blockages

The professionals have several tools that they use to remove the blockage from your sewer. The tool that they mostly use is the drain auger or the drain snake. The drain auger is a long and flexible metal cable that is sent down the drain to reach the clogs and break it up to clear the sewer line. Another effective tool that the professional sewer pipe cleaning company uses is the high-pressure hose that helps in completely removing any clog or residue that may be there in the sewer pipe.

Apart from cleaning the sewer line using a water hose or a drain auger there re other services that the experts provide for the sewer line maintenance. For sewer line maintenance it is important that timely inspection and cleaning is done of the sewer system that will prevent it from blockages. The main objective of a sewer maintenance program is to ensure that the sewer continues to work and operate properly. When the sewer system is well maintained it will:

  • Minimize or eliminate the amount of stoppages per mile of the sewer line
  • Ensure the desired and regular flow to the sewer system
  • Eliminate the chances of failure of the lift station
  • Eliminate or reduce the number of complaints that are raised for bad odor
  • Help protect fresh water sources

Seeking professional help is always recommended for an effective sewer cleaning service and maintenance. The trained engineers are well experienced and well equipped to handle any such problem in the most efficient way.

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