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Septic Tank Cleaning, Installations and Repairs

Drainage Care UK is an expert in cleaning, installing and carrying out repairs on septic tanks in and around Bournemouth. We have many years of experience when dealing with septic tanks. All of our team of technicians are ready to answer your calls to answer any questions you may have regarding your septic tank or drainage system.

Cleaning the Septic Tank

Trying to maintain a septic tank is not a simply as you think. It is very important that when the tank is cleaned and emptied that the pipes feeding into the septic tank are also emptied to prevent blockages. If the tank is not properly cleaned then later on there could be bad problems with the system.

Our team make sure that when the septic tank is empty that we clear out the pipes leading into the tank to prevent blockages that may cause problems later on. We will also remove any debris that may have gotten into the tank or the piping. We have the experience to solve any problems that maybe occurring with your septic tank and you can always rely on Drainage Care UK to do the cleaning for you.

When it comes to cleaning your septic tank we always make sure that we give it the up most attention especially on the detail. It is recommended that for a family of 4 or more that the tank be cleaned out every 1 year, but for a family of 2 it will be every 2 years. Maintaining the septic tank on a annual basis means that it is well looked after and chances are it wont need any future repairs.

During our time in business we have built a great reputation for outstanding customer service when cleaning, installing and repairing septic tanks in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. If you need to talk to us about any septic tank related problems. Tel: 0800 193 9973

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