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Railway Drainage Services

For the UK’s rail lines to continue to operate efficiently, they need to be able to deal with all kinds of inclement weather. Thanks to rail drainage solutions, any trainline can resist the effects of flooding and the risks of standing water. Effective trainline drainage can save railway companies thousands of pounds as they can continue to provide trains which run on time. This is also essential for your passengers, who can rarely afford to be delayed as the result of standing water on the line.

Here at Drainage Care, we specialise in eliminating all kinds of water-related problems. Our team of engineers have worked on residential, commercial and infrastructure properties to ensure that they are resistant to flooding and standing water. Thanks to reliable, hard-wearing rail drainage, heavy rainfall, melting snow and other factors don’t need to slow your journey down.

Rail Drainage Solutions for National Rail and Light Rail Companies

The specialist engineers at Drainage Care can deliver premium rail drainage solutions for trainlines across the UK. We can deliver truly reliable drainage systems for use on:

  • Tramlines.
  • Trainlines
  • Train Stations and Platforms.
  • Maintenance Depots.
  • Station Parking and Storage.

Thanks to the versatile drain solutions that we can deliver, you’ll be able to protect your property, buildings and trainlines from the effects of flooding. As the systems we deliver are all set into the ground, they are also highly-resistant to any kind of damage, including accidental and deliberate. They are difficult to block, damage or sabotage.

Trainline and Tramline Drainage Solutions

If your trainlines are forced to deal with standing water on a regular basis, then that is a sign your drainage isn’t working as it should. Effective drains should bring in water and ensure that it is carried away to prevent flooding or other issues developing. A common issue for these kinds of drains is that they become blocked, either due to refuse or fallen leaves. Keeping drains clear of these obstructions is extremely important if you want to prevent damage to your railway lines.

The same can be said of tramlines. In most cases, tramlines are installed on top of harder surfaces, such as flagstones, bricks or cement. In these environments, it is easy for standing water to appear in these instances. Standing water can cause stones to crack, shift or even result in damage to the main tramline. Thanks to industry-leading rail drainage, you’ll be able to avoid these issues.

Station and Platform Drainage Solutions

Stations and platforms commonly have problems with standing water. As these spaces are designed to resist heavy footfall, they need to be made from highly-resistant materials. Unfortunately, this makes them likely to resist water to and prevent puddles from being successfully drained.

When it comes to station and platform drainage, you need to make sure that your surfaces can easily dispose of any water which lands on them, either due to spillages, heavy rainfall or other kinds of flooding. Using industry-leading rail drainage systems, you’ll be able to keep your stations and platforms clear of standing water. This is essential when it comes to protecting your employees and passengers and preventing long-term damage from occurring.

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Why are Rail Lines So Vulnerable to Flooding?

There are many reasons why train lines are vulnerable to flooding without effective rail drainage. For example, there are areas of train lines which are built into tunnels or valleys which are much lower than the surrounding area. There are also spaces which sit on flat, low-lying lands with limited drainage. Both of these areas can be easily overwhelmed by heavy rain.

These issues become much worse when the railway is built in an area surrounded by buildings or other features. Whereas the water might once have sunk into the ground, the addition of buildings causes the rain to move towards the railway tracks, placing more pressure on the rail drainage.

For Industry-Leading Rail Drainage Installation and Maintenance, Choose Drainage Care

Here at Drainage Care, our experienced team have worked on a range of rail drainage projects to prevent standing water from affecting railway lines. Standing water can cause a long list of problems, including structural issues, to any property in the UK. If you want to avoid these issues and ensure that your passengers can trust you to provide a reliable service, get in touch with Drainage Care today.

We can deliver a comprehensive train line drainage service, including installation and maintenance to all kinds of surfaces. Our team of drainage engineers can work with you to create the perfect drainage solution to suit your needs and resist damage of all kinds.

For more information on the wide range of railway drainage services that our experienced team can deliver, get in touch today. You can reach the Drainage Care team by calling us directly on 0800 193 9973. If you prefer, you can make the most of our simple online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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