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Drain moling in Southampton uses a new technology which doesn’t require us to dig up or excavate a large area. This allows us to replace drain pipes quickly and more cost effectively. It is a much less expensive and effective way of replacing a damage drain pipe without the expensive costs of excavating.

Here at Drainage Care UK we can help, we have all the latest cutting edge trench less moling equipment, which allows us to install new drainage systems without causing much disruption to your home or property as well as protecting the environment. Drain moling can also be used to replace lead, iron and damaged water pipes.

What is Drain Moling Southampton?

We use a method that impacts the ground known as moling and its allows us to lay underground pipes. We first carry out a small excavation to get access to the drain pipe, then we use our machine known as a mole which then burrows into the ground placing the new piping as it goes along.

Drainage Moling is suitable for use on a lot of different terrains this include clay, soil and silt. The mole machine pushing and moves the soil and other terrain out of the way making it very handy in small locations.

Drain Moling is so good that we only have to dig two small holes, at the beginning of where the pipe will be and at the end where the pipe will be. The machine can dig to at least 20m which means that there is a lot less digging required to get the job done correctly and swiftly.

This method can be used to install new drain pipes in gardens, driveways and also paths. Drainage Moling can be used in a lot of industrial locations such as public places, roads, pathways, railways and car parks.

The great thing about moling it requires a lot less equipment and is a lot quicker than older methods of having to excavate a big trench to install new drainage pipes. With its fast and accurate speed it not only effects the job time but also saves our customers and clients money.

We can provide lead pipe replacement, water pipe replacement and iron pipe replacement by using drain moling. Quick and effective replacement and repairs for lead pipes. Lead and rust pipes are still in use to this date, and by a scheme they must be replaced by better piping to prevent consumption of rust and lead.

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