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When it comes to any kind of new-build, or repair work to an existing property, piling is extremely important. It can be used to reinforce existing support if they have sustained damage or to install completely new supports as required. That’s why piling contractors are so essential for a wide range of construction and renovation projects.

Here at Drainage Care, our professional team of piling contractors specialise in reinforcing existing foundations. Broken drainage systems can often cause structural damage to a property’s foundations. Our team can deliver a comprehensive service to repair this damage and shore up your property against any other potential damages.

Experienced Piling Contractors for Properties in the South of England

Our driven pile contractors have worked on a range of properties to reinforce existing foundations. Over the years, our drainage specialists have noticed that many of the property’s we have worked on have suffered structural damage which should have required extremely costly repair work. Thanks to our experienced piling contractors, we can shore up existing properties and avoid expensive and disruptive repair work.

We have been able to provide complete drainage care and piling services to a variety of businesses and domestic spaces. Our team have utilised wood, steel and concrete to create the perfect reinforcements to a property’s foundations. Thanks to the quick and simple installation of structural piles to your property, you’ll be able to support your home and business to prevent shifting and subsidence.

What are the Benefits of Piling for Properties in the South of England?

Drive piles can provide hard-wearing support against a range of potential damages. They can be used to support existing foundations or resist other forces. For example, if you are conducting any nearby excavation work and you’re concerned about the damage it could do to your property’s foundations. They can provide a range of practical benefits to all kinds of properties, including homes and businesses.

Driven piles are a great option when it comes to supporting your property against the damage caused by leaking drains or other waterlogging issues. Flooding, due to burst pipes or the effects of the weather, can cause real damage to your structure’s foundations. Piles can prevent this damage from lead to major structural issues and avoid the necessity of costly repair work.

Some of the biggest benefits of a professional drive pile contractors service include:

  • Industry-Leading Quality – Thanks to the intelligent design of driven piles, these solutions can deliver long-term service to a variety of properties. Whether your foundations have already suffered damage and need reinforcing, or you want to prevent your property’s foundations from being placed under too much pressure, drive piles are the perfect choice for you.
  • A Cost-Effective Solution – Driven piles can prevent major excavation and repair work from taking place. They will provide a range of benefits to your property without requiring a massive disruption to your property. These solutions are also much more affordable than any alternatives.
  • Adaptable and Flexible – As driven piles are designed to offer long-term service, they’ll provide a range of benefits when installed on your property. They are designed to accommodate all kinds of compression and loads. They can easily be manufactured from a range of materials, including:
  • Steel –
    • Open or Closed-Ended Pipes.
    • Tapered.
    • Shell.
    • Sheet Piling.
    • H-Pile.
  • Concrete –
    • Sheet Piling.
    • Cylinder.
    • Octagonal.
    • Square.
  • Timber.

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Piling Contractors for Home and Business Extensions

If you’ve outgrown your property, either because your business or family is growing, then you may need to install an extension on your space. When you do so, it is important that you take the time to create hard-wearing foundations to prevent long-term damage.

Thanks to piling contractors, you’ll be able to install brand new extensions or even stand-alone buildings on your property without having to worry about their stability. Driven piles are an extremely effective way of installing a new building or creating a hard-wearing extension which is resistant to shifting and subsidence.

Driven piles can easily adapt to suit your site’s conditions. They can resist water damage and prevent shifting following leaking drains or septic tanks. A team of professional piling contractors can also use piling methods to construct temporary trestles and foundations.

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Here at Drainage Care, we can provide complete piling services to suit your property’s needs. Our piling contractors have worked on a variety of properties across the South of England. These reliable solutions can provide a range of residual benefits to all kinds of soils. Our experienced team can deliver hard-wearing and damage-resistant piles to reinforce existing foundations or provide a stable working space for extensions and new builds.

For more information on the comprehensive range of services that our team can deliver, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. To speak to one of our drainage experts or piling contractors today, call us directly on 0800 193 9973. If you prefer, you can get a free quote by using our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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