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What is Drain Moling and how does it work ?

A drain mole is a device that can hammer and displace soil, it is controlled by a drainage technician that sets it up at a start dig spot on a home or property allowing the drain mole to make its way through the soil to the next dig point. Once it has completed its task it leaves a nice smooth bore from the start point to the end which then allows us to install a brand new water pipe, or pipe replacement for lead and iron. It can be installed quickly without the need to excavate a massive trench.

Depending on the length required for the new water pipe that we are installing we may encounter objects such as trees, other drains, gas lines and sometime electric lines. We aim to keep any dug up excavations to a bare minimum as safety is always Drainage Cares priority for technicians and customers.

Is Drain Moling Expensive?

Drain Moling is a much cheaper way of installation new drainage pipes and systems, under driveways, hedges, lawns, roads and paths. It is around quarter of the price that it costs for a full excavation, it is environmental friendly and doesn’t cause much disruption. It is also 3 to 4 times faster than using tradition methods. Most drain moling projects can be completed on the first day.

Drainage Care UK can use drain moling in portsmouth to replace lead pipes, iron pipes, damaged drain pipes, and other types of water piping. Call us today for FREE : 0800 193 9973 and speak to one of our technicians. With years of experience in drainage and drain moling our technicians can answer all of your questions. You can also email us at : drainagecareuk@outlook.com

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