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A scheme was implemented to have lead and iron pipes replaced to help reduce rust and lead being consumed by people. Due to the dangerous hazards of rust and lead it is very important to have these risks eliminated from any water supply that may be going to homes, hotels, work places and businesses. Drainage Care UK can install new water pipe replacements using our Drain moling method which doesn’t require massive excavations to replace lead and iron piping.

Having lead pipe replaced can lead to some good benefits, better water flow, better drinking water for everyone, less chance of leaks, and much cleaner.

By contacting Drainage Care UK we will come out to you and give you a free quotation and explain how we will replace the lead or iron piping.

Why do we use Drain moling and what for?

Drain moling is a much quicker and cost effective way saving our customers lots of money. Before drain moling was around we use to have to excavated a large trench in order to access the old drainage system to replace the pipes with new piping. But now with drain moling it allows us to make two small dig sites one at the start and one at the end of the water pipe. We remove the old drainage piping and the mole digs us a new hole from one end to the other. Once the new hole is dug out we can then feed the pipe where the mole has dug through. This is a much faster way of replacing lead and iron piping and doesn’t cost no where near as much as excavating.

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