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If water collects in your garden, it can not only make it incredibly difficult to effectively maintain. In the worst circumstances, it can even make the environment unsuitable for plants to survive. Thanks to effective landscaping and garden design from Drainage Care UK, you’ll be able to create an environment which is easy to maintain and stunning to look at.

Here at Drainage Care UK, we can provide a wide range of services to help you create the perfect environment for your garden. Whether you’re suffering from regular flooding or unpleasant smells related to trapped water in the drains, our team are here to help you. Our team of drainage specialists are dedicated to helping our clients realise the best possible garden design to allow for the quick and easy disposal of water.

How can Effective Drains Help Your Landscaping and Garden Design?

Thanks to high-performing drainage systems, you’ll be able to prevent flooding due to burst pipes or the effects of the weather. By enabling the quick and easy removal of trapped water, your entire garden will be able to enjoy a wide range of benefits. In many cases, intelligent landscaping and garden design can help to eliminate the risk of flooding across your property.

In the event of a powerful storm or extensive rainfall, it is possible that your garden will be able to absorb a great deal of the water. However, if your garden has a great deal of cement or flagstones, or if you’ve repaved the space to turn it into a driveway, then the water may not have anywhere to go. This can be difficult to deal with when it comes to the effects of the weather, but if you are unlucky enough to suffer a burst or blocked pipe, this could lead to long-lasting property damage.

Whether your soil and grass has been oversaturated with water or your harder surfaces can’t offer anywhere for your excess water to go, drainage care is essential for you. Without high-performing drains, your entire property could be at risk of flooding throughout the year. In many cases, this can lead to permanent structural damage or require extremely costly repairs.

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Landscaping and Garden Design to Prevent Flooding

By taking the practical considerations of great drainage into your overall garden design, you can use your exterior property to prevent flooding or, at the very least, reduce its impact on your home. While many modern homes are designed with drainage in mind, older homes are often poorly prepared to deal with the effects of the weather or modern-day plumbing issues.

Just some of the great techniques we can use to help you reduce the risks of flooding on your property include:

  • Directional Landscaping – By using this technique, we can work to direct water away from your home and towards grates, drains or even towards the street. This will allow all water, including heavy rainfall and other kinds of flooding, to flow away from your property and reduce the risk of long-term or costly damage.
  • Improved Drainage Ditches – Drainage ditches close to your home can act almost like a moat to effectively drain water before it reaches the vulnerable parts of your property. By directing the water directly into drains and grates, you’ll be able to dispose of it much more efficiently.
  • Tree Trimming or Removal – Any trees or shrubs which line up directly against your home can lead to a high risk of water damage. Water can drain from these growths and run directly against the wall of your home. Eventually, the gradual wear and tear will turn into a serious leak which can further lead to a range of property issues.
  • Preventing Standing Water – On any hard surface, water which has nowhere to run to will stand still. This can cause mould to grow on the surface itself and can lead to a range of problems including buckled or loose stones. Using narrow drainage ditches and other techniques can eliminate standing water without impacting the surface of driveways and pathways, for example.

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Here at Drainage Care UK, we can provide a comprehensive range of garden design and landscaping services to reduce or eliminate the risk of property damage due to flooding and standing water. Whether your property is suffering due to ineffective drainage or if your landscaping isn’t designed with water clearance in mind, our team are here to help.

We can deliver a wide range of essential drainage services, including CCTV drain surveys, drain clearance and damaged pipe replacement to protect your property from the risks associated with water damage.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team directly on 0800 193 9973. Alternatively, you can use our easy online contact form and we’ll call you back at a time that is convenient to you.

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