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Land Drains and Turfing Contractors

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An essential part of property maintenance is the effective installation of land drains to eliminate the risk of flooding and prevent standing water. This is true for both larger domestic properties in addition to commercial or industrial spaces. Both excessive rainfall, other environmental factors and things like burst or blocked pipes can lead to the flooding of practically any area. Professional land drains and turfing contractors can help to remove this excess water in a controlled and reliable way.

Here at Drainage Care UK, we can deliver industry-leading land drains services to all kinds of properties. In the past, we have worked on large commercial spaces in addition to domestic areas to deliver a truly reliable land drain system to eliminate standing water and prevent flooding. Over the years, it is likely that the weather will have caused damage to the soil or turf of your property. Our industry-leading team will be able to create and install unique solutions to suit your property’s needs.

What are the Benefits of Land Drains in the UK?

Thanks to advances in industrial technology, land drains can effectively be installed in practically any surface. Heavy soils, with poor drainage abilities, can benefit most from these solutions as they can allow the water to be pulled down through the soil, preventing standing or trapped water from causing structural problems.

In addition to structural issues, there are also short-term practical considerations which need to be dealt with. If you’re suffering from a waterlogged lawn, then it can not only be extremely unpleasant to look at or walk over, but it can lead to a range of unpleasant smells.

By installing effective land drains on your property, you’ll be able to eliminate standing and puddling water on your property, no mater what kind of soil you are dealing with. As soon as the land drains have been installed, our team will also be able to completely re-turf the affected area. This way, you aren’t forced to limit yourself in terms of garden design.

What Causes these Drainage Problems?

There are all kinds of issues which can lead to waterlogging across your entire property. Sometimes it is due to your soil being too heavy, or if it has become compacted over the years. Other concerns are clay, low-lying land and if your property is in a floodplain area.

In addition to more natural issues with your space, there are also concerns relating to man-made structures. Features like retaining walls or structural footings for extensions can all cause rain water or other flooding to be diverted, which can lead to waterlogging.

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Land Drains and Turfing Contractors Across the South West

In addition to helping your property avoid the issues associated with waterlogging and flooding, you’ll also be able to create a stunning design across your entire garden space. We can provide high-quality synthetic or natural turf to ensure that your garden is still a beautiful, accessible space for use throughout the year.

Whether you’re suffering due to compacted soil or other ineffective natural draining, our team are here for you. There is a wide range of land drainage options available to suit your property. At Drainage Care UK, we can provide lateral pitch drainage systems if required, which gather the standing water from across the garden and drive it towards one central space.

We can also equip your garden space with sand grooves or gravel banding in the most extreme instances, which will help your property to dispose of water naturally, relying on gravity to move the rain or other flooding downwards through your topsoil and away from your property.

Get in Touch with Drainage Care UK for Land Drains and Turfing Contractors

Here at Drainage Care UK, we are proud to offer a wide range of land drains and turfing services to help your property deal with standing water or other issues relating to flooding. We can encourage water to keep moving through your property and ensure that it is directed away from your home’s vulnerable areas.

Whether you’re looking for lateral pitch drainage systems, sand grooves or gravel banding, our team are here for you. The turfing services that we can provide mean that you’ll be able to enjoy your garden space after the work has been completed.

Over the years, our team has gained extensive experience in all kinds of groundwork. The wide range of groundwork services that we can provide are the perfect choice for homes, businesses and industrial spaces throughout the South West, including Southampton, Bristol and Bournemouth.

For more information on the range of groundwork services that we can provide, or to talk to our land drains and turfing experts directly, call us on 0800 193 9973. Alternatively, you can use our online contact form and we’ll get back in touch at a time that is convenient to you.

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