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Garden / Lawn / Yard Drainage

An important part of protecting your property from damage is making sure that your garden is able to direct water away from your building. Standing water on your lawn or in your yard can cause damage to all kinds of surfaces and make even the most beautiful property an unpleasant place to be.

By installing effective garden drainage, you can prevent water from settling in your yard or near your building. This can be a great way of preventing your lawn from becoming waterlogged. Yard drainage can also work to prevent damage to solid surfaces, like cement or flagstones on driveways. By including efficient and hard-working garden drainage solutions to your property, you’ll be able to improve your building’s and surfaces’ resilience to all kinds of water damage.

Why Are Waterlogged Lawns and Yards a Problem for Homeowners?

Standing water can have a negative effect on all kinds of surfaces. Grass and flowerbeds can quickly become waterlogged, particularly if your property is located on clay soils or soils which have been heavily compacted.

There is a wide range of issues which can be associated with allowing surfaces to become waterlogged as a result of poor yard drainage. Just some of these potential problems can include:

  • Unwanted Growths – Wet and still conditions can encourage the growth of a range of unpleasant conditions. These can include:
    • Algae, including Nostoc Algae.
    • Lichens, including Dog Lichen.
    • Liverworts.
    • Moss.

These conditions can flourish in any yard which suffers from poor lawn drainage; especially if the aeration of the property isn’t of the highest quality or there is a great deal of shade throughout the day.

  • Weeds and Tussocks – Clumps of rush seeds can gather in the standing water. They can then form large clumps of weeds or tussocks. This can ruin any kind of garden without effective yard drainage.
  • Property Damage – When looking at a waterlogged space which is lacking in lawn drainage, people don’t tend to think that it could actively be causing damage to their property. However, standing water can cause the soil to shift, sink and compact. Without yard drainage, it is possible that the soil’s movement can result in a great deal of damage to the foundations of property.If the standing water settles on the near-flat surface of your yard or driveway, it can cause damage to the surface beneath it. Paving and flagstones can all crack and break under the pressure of these waters. It is important that you introduce effective yard drainage solutions to deal with the risk of standing water in these areas.

How Can Garden Drainage Services Benefit Your Home?

A waterlogged garden can be a dangerous and irritating feature of your home. It is important that, if you are suffering from garden drainage issues, you take the time to find the perfect groundworks services for your needs. There are many different ways that a professional team can work with you to eliminate waterlogging and other garden drainage issues on your property.

If your soil has become compacted, or if you’re unlucky enough to own a property situated on clay-heavy ground, water will often refuse to drain away. Lawn drainage systems can be a lifesaver in these situations, especially when combined with professionally-installed soakaways, drains or ditches.

There are several different types of lawn drainage systems which can be essential for properties across the UK. Some of the most popular groundworks and garden drainage solutions include:

  • Traditional Ditches for Yard Drainage – In many cases, digging angled ditches with deep, sloping slides, can sometimes be enough to eliminate excess surface water. These can prevent water from standing on your garden, lawn or yard. However, they can sometimes impact your garden’s design or even create a tripping hazard.
  • French Ditches for Lawn Drainage– Whenever open ditches are unsuitable, French ditches can be an excellent alternative. Once the ditch has been dug, it can be filled with coarse gravel before being covered with upturned turf or permeable membranes. This can prevent soil from entering the gravel and contributing to your standing water problems. You should finally finish the surface with topsoil to create a smooth, pleasant environment.
  • Subsurface Piped Garden Drainage – When any space is suffering from severe garden drainage issues, yard and lawn drainage can make a real difference. Hard-wearing plastic piping can be laid in trenches to direct water away from your property. This can help to drain water from your soil and prevent it from remaining on the surface.

Ideally, you want all of these lawn drainage techniques to be directing the water somewhere suitable. When combined with hard-wearing and effective soakaways, you will be able to protect your property and eliminate any instances of standing water.

For Professional Garden Drainage for Your Lawn or Yard, Contact Drainage Care Today

Here at Drainage Care UK, our professional team of lawn drainage specialists can deliver comprehensive garden drainage solutions for all kinds of properties. Whether you’re having issues with waterlogging, flooding or standing water in your yard, effective lawn drainage can make all the difference.

Our yard drainage solutions can help to divert water away from your property through all kinds of surface and subsurface soil. We can deliver a comprehensive range of groundworks and garden drainage services to help you protect your property from the effects of waterlogging.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional team today. You can reach our garden drainage specialists by using our simple online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, you can call our yard drainage experts directly on 0800 193 9973.

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