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Foundation Contractors

Salisbury, Fordingbridge & New Forest

The most important part of any construction project is the property’s foundations. Without reliable, professional foundation contractors, your entire building could quickly become to victim of subsidence. Even a building which has been made from the most hard-wearing materials will shift in place if the foundations aren’t strong enough.

Here at Drainage Care, our experienced team of foundation contactors can deliver a reliable service across all kinds of properties. We can deliver a variety of foundation installation services, including footings and piling solutions, to ensure that your property will remain a safe and stable location for many, many years.

Foundation Contractors for Commercial and Residential Projects in the South of England

Here at Drainage Care, we can deliver industry-leading foundation installation services to all kinds of properties. Our expert team of foundation contractors can provide a comprehensive groundworks service when it comes to your foundations. We can conduct examinations of the soil to ascertain its suitability for your property, and the kind of foundations that you’ll need to make it a secure space.

It is essential that you equip your property with hard-wearing, professionally installed foundations. Failing to do so can not only threaten the building’s longevity, but it can become a dangerous environment to the occupants and any properties around it. As buildings are becoming taller, and more weight is being placed in our homes and businesses, powerful foundations are more important than ever.

The Benefits of Powerful Foundations for Homes and Businesses

In addition to providing a stable base for the construction, powerful foundations will deliver a range of different advantages. Thanks to experienced foundation contractors, you’ll be able to protect the property (and its occupants) from natural threats such as strong winds, floods and even minor earthquakes.

Foundations also need to be highly resistant to the damage caused by ground moisture. After rainfall, or any issues with your drains, ground moisture can easily seep into your building. This can weaken the structural integrity and be extremely costly to fix. Foundation contractors will be able to install suitable foundation systems to prevent excessive water from causing damage to your home or business.

How Can Different Soil Types Affect Your Construction?

Many people believe that foundations are standardised for all kinds of properties. However, this is untrue. The major concern when it comes to any kind of foundation installation is the kind of soil that the work is taking place on. Each type of soil has different properties, all of which can have a major impact on the way your home or business’ foundations will be supported.

The different kinds of soils, which might affect your property’s stability, are:

  • Clay – Clay-based soils are expansive. That means they will expand and shrink as they become wet and dry respectively. This can place a great deal of pressure on your foundations. Over time, clay-based soils can cause foundations to move up and down. In the most extreme circumstances, foundations which aren’t suitable for this kind of environment will crack, leaving your home without any support.
  • Peat – Like clay, peat-based soils will shrink and expand. However, peat-based soils are also weak and cannot bear heavy loads. In many cases, peat can be impossible to build a home on without extensive piling and footings services, in addition to the foundation contractors services. Fortunately, here at Drainage Care, we can provide a comprehensive service, including piling and footings.
  • Sand – When it has been compacted with gravel and other building materials, sand will not retain water. However, sand particles can be made to lose their friction and grip. This means that gaps may be left around the foundations.
  • Loam – Loam is the perfect kind of soil for any construction. It is a mixture of sand, silt and clay. Loam will not shrink or expand enough to cause damage. It will also maintain its friction and grip, allowing the foundations to remain in place for many, many years.

For Industry-Leading Foundation Contractors, Call the Drainage Care Team Today

The Drainage Care team is made up of groundworks experts and foundation contractors who can help you to create a stable, secure base for your home or business. We can work with even the most difficult of surface soils to create reliable foundations.

Over the years, our experienced team has worked to provide secure footings and foundations for new builds and extensions across the South of England. Whether you’re looking to create a bespoke property for your new business, you’re building your dream home or simply extending your existing building, our team of foundation contractors are here to help.

For more information on the wide range of benefits that our foundation contractors can provide to your business, get in touch with our experts today. You can send any questions or concerns that you might have to our team via our online contact form. If you prefer, you can call our team directly on 0800 193 9973.

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