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Cesspit and Cesspool Cleaning & Installation Bournemouth

A cesspit is an underground holding tank that has no outlet. It doesn’t treat or discharge the waste into the sewers and it holds all the waste in the cesspit storing it for when it is removed by someone like us, Drainage Care UK. We are specialists in installing cesspits, cleaning cesspits, cesspools and repairing cesspits. Cesspits and cesspools confuse people in thinking they are two different things when in fact they are the same.

Sometimes People May Confuse Cesspits And Cesspools With Septic Tanks

Septic tanks do collect waste but they treat it at the same time and then release the waste into the earth using what is known as a soakaway. Because of this, a septic tank will only need cleaning once a year or every two years depending on the size of the family living in the property. Everything that goes into a cesspit must be removed as it doesn’t have anywhere else to go, it will stay in the cesspit until you get someone out to vacuum the waste out.

Cesspit Cost Of Operation

Cesspools and cesspits require cleaning and emptying at frequent times, usually around every 40 to 50 days. This is depending on how many people live in the property and when the tank is almost full. It can cost homeowners on average £2000 a year in charges for emptying a cesspit and cesspool. For a family of up to 5 people it could cost anything up to £8000 a year, having a cesspool or cesspit can cost a lot of money and cause financial problems later.

Cesspits and Cesspools are a holding tank and installed into the ground, it receives the waste that would put strain on a septic tank. Cesspits can range in sizes of 16,000 litres all the way up to 82,000 litres. Larger tanks are available and can be purchased all the way up to a staggering 200,000 litres.

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Problems With Cesspits And Cesspools

A big problem with cesspit’s and cesspools is the amount of room they require to be installed. A lot of properties don’t have the room required for a cesspit. The size required for a 4-bedroom property is a minimum of 44,000 litres, this means the tank size is roughly around 12 metres long and 2.5 metres wide. The tank must be at least 7 metres away from the property and have at least 2 metres of boundary around the cesspit or cesspool. Many modern properties and some older properties don’t have the room to fit a cesspit or cesspool.

Cesspits and cesspools can give off bad odours and smells because the system must be ventilated for gases to escape the tank. Cesspits are fitted with alarms so that it notifies the property owner when it is nearly full so that they can contact someone to come out and empty the cesspit. Whatever you do, never lift a lid off a cesspit or cesspool as the toxic gases can make you very ill or could even overcome you and make you faint.

A cesspit can leak out and overflow. Sometimes, when doing any sort of gardening work, owners could easily have knocked a hole into the cesspit causing liquid waste to leak out into the surrounding earth. If you do decide to buy a house that has a cesspit you should always hire a professional to come out a carry out a CCTV survey on the tank to make sure it is not leaking and to check the condition of the cesspit. If this is only the way of getting rid of waste, then think carefully about buying a property with a cesspit tank as the running cost maybe far too high.

If at any time a cesspit or cesspool begins to leak out waste, you should contact a drainage company like us, Drainage Care UK to come out and remove the waste and to clean the tank. Using a company like us, Drainage Care UK can find where the cesspit is leaking from and fix any issues that may have occurred.

Older versions of cesspits that where built out of brick and were installed many years ago, care should always be taken. Walking over them or even driving your car over them could cause damage. They can cover a much larger area than a fibreglass cesspit of around 20 square metres and this can make them very weak as over time they have deteriorated. You should always consider having your cesspit checked by a professional such as us, Drainage Care UK.

For a cesspit to meet the requirements of the British water it needs to be calculated based on how many litres a day a person uses per day. Building regulations require that cesspits and cesspools should be at least able to hold up to 50 days of waste. For a property where only 2 people live, a minimum 18,000 litres cesspit tank must be used. For every additional person that is added you must add an extra 6800 litres. For a family of up to 4 to 5 a tank size must be a massive 42.000+ litres. This requires emptying every 45 days and must be paid by the property owner. Alarms are a requirement so that the level of waste in the cesspit can be monitored all them time to ensure that it never overflows into your garden. Cesspits are very expensive to run and are not cheap to purchase and install.

Cesspits and cesspools must be emptied by a professional drainage company that holds a waste disposal license. Drainage Care UK has many years’ experience in dealing with cesspits and holds all the required licences to deal with any issues that you may have with your cesspit or cesspool.

Cesspit And Cesspool Emptying

By law cesspit and cesspools must be emptied by a waste disposal contractor who holds the necessary licences. If anyone else empties a cesspit or cesspool they are breaking the law and can face big fines of up to £20,000. It’s always best to hire out a professional drainage company like us, Drainage Care UK when your cesspit or cesspools is due for emptying and cleaning.

If you would like your cesspit cleaning, emptying or you have a leak then give Drainage Care UK a call today on: 0800 193 9973 or send us an email at: drainagecareuk@outlook.com and we will be more than happy to help you.

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