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What is Drain Moling in Eastleigh?

Drain moling is a process in which a machine which is known as a mole is used to to make its way through soil in any given path or direction. Drain moling is a great way to having to dig up a large trench to install a new drain pipe. It can be used to lay al sorts of drainage pipes, water pipes, sewer pipes and gas lines.

Drain Moling can also be used to replace Lead and Water Iron Pipes.

Up until the 1960’s most piping and pipes were made of iron and lead. A lot of this piping is still in use today and have still not been replaced. Rust and lead from these pipes can sometimes end up in the water supply. The water companies are known to treat the water minimizing the risk of rust and lead in the water but it cant be 100% treated. Drainage Care UK can replace iron and lead piping with our drain moling and install safe replacements in a quick and effective way, which is cost effective and best of all we don’t have to excavate a big trench in order to remove the old pipes and install the new pipes. Drainage Care UK can provide a Free quote on replacing your lead and iron pipes using drain moling call today : 0800 193 9973 or email us at : drainagecareuk@outlook.com and we will be more than happy to help.

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