Lead and Iron Water Pipe Replacement Winchester

Drainage Care UK have been providing lead pipe replacements for many years and have years of experience in dealing with, iron water pipes, water mains, drainage solutions, pipe repairs and drain moling in and around Winchester.

Drainage Care UK uses drain moling for carrying out all of its lead and iron water pipe replacements it prevents the need for having to excavate a trench in order to replace the old piping. It allow us to install and repair water pipes in a much more friendly and cost effective way.

How a Drain Mole Works

A mole is a machine that we place into a small hole which then is driven to punch its way through the soil towards the other end. This then allows us to install new water pipes. The soil is compressed outwards and creates a really smooth bore. Once it has completed doing this it allows us then to install a new water pipe quickly. Apart from us having to dig to small pits one at the beginning and one at the end you wont get any disruption. All piping is hidden so that it wont be seen.

Moling can be used to replace damaged drain pipes, lead water pipes, iron water pipes, gas pipes and sewer piping. Moling can be done under different surfaces these include roads, driveways, lawns, hedges, tress, and ditches.

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Benefits of Drain Moling

  • Fast & Cost Effective Repair
  • Suitable for many Soil Conditions
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Less Mess than traditional methods

  • Excavating not needed

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