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Keeping a grease trap cleaned and regularly maintained is not an easy task for anyone especially kitchen staff. The smells from the grease trap can be very over powering and not everyone can stomach the job. If the drain is cleaned by the home owner or a member of staff in the kitchen, it might not always be fully cleaned and this could lead to blockages and other issues later on.

Drainage Care UK comes out and cleans the grease trap and also we do any repairs that maybe required and we also offer regular maintenance to keep the grease trap in full working order. When a grease trap is not maintained it can lead to some unpleasant problems such as, bad odours, drains blocked, waste coming back up into the sink, and damage to the grease trap. By taking out regular maintenance with Drainage Care UK your grease trap will stay in working order. All of our technicians are fully trained to carry out grease trap cleaning in Southampton, installations of new grease trap systems and any repairs that maybe necessary to the grease trap.

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We ensure you that we will clear all of your grease traps and make sure they are cleaned to new every time we come out to visit you. With our years of experience in grease trap cleaning, installations and repairs, you can always rely on Drainage Care UK to help clean out the waste, fast, effectively and best of all environmentally friendly.

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