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All About Drain Unblocking

Do you have a blocked drain? Do you want to know what causes the blockage and what will be the solution? Many of us experience the drain blockage due to the storage of the excessive oil, fat, and other materials of the home in the drain. If you do not clean it regularly, then you might notice drain blocking. In that condition, you need to clean your drain by a professional service. Do you want to know more about the drain blockage? If yes, then go through the following article.

What causes blocked drains?

The drain blocking is normally caused by oil, fat, food left over from cooking that thickens in pipe setting hard. When all these things will set in the drain, it will block the water flow and after a few days, you might not notice any water flow at all.

Who deals with drain unblocking?

If you have blocked drains, then first you should try to clean by using some chemicals and hot water. You need to do a proper research about the chemicals before use. If still, it persists, then you can consider taking professional help.

Does house insurance cover drain unblocking?

No, house insurance does not cover drain unblocking expenses. It can cover in the rare instance if the drain is blocked or damaged due to the accident. You will have to show the evidence of the accident for such claim. Otherwise, you will have to pay for unblocking your drain.

Who is responsible for drain unblocking, the tenant or the landlord?

That depends on who is benefited by the drain. For example, if you are a new tenant, and you experience the drain blocking soon after the coming, then you can blame the landlord for the blockage. You can also ask the landlord for the unblocking cost.

Can blocked drains make you ill?

Certainly yes, if you will not clean it for a long time, then it might create some health complications. First of all, you will have difficulties in passing water in all your areas that might be the bathroom, sink, and the toilet. Water storage and smell related to drain blocking can cause health issues.

Can blocked drains cause damp issues?

Not necessarily, if the condition of the drain is good then you might not notice the damp issue except smell and the water storage. But if there is any leak in the drain or the condition is poor then it can cause damp issues.

Who can clean my drains?

For the proper cleaning, you can call the professionals. Professional are well trained and experienced. They have the required knowledge and tools to clean your drain in less time. You might need to spend a little amount for this purpose. But the result will be lasting and more effective.

A blocked drain can truly affect your daily activities and create health complications. Hence, it is important to clean it immediately to avoid water storage and smell. If you want to clean your drain with the professional service, then make sure that the service is skilled, experienced, and reliable. In addition, you need to hire a service that is available by 24/7 x 365 and is able to offer emergency help.

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