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Soakaways Installation, Repairs & Surveys

We have offices in Bournemouth, Southampton & Salisbury

Drainage Care UK offer installations, maintenance and repair of soakaways in the areas of Southampton, Poole, Bournemouth and Salisbury.

Most commonly used for driveways and gardens where water is needed to be drawn away from the property, a soakaway soaks up water from the ground to disperse into the earth to prevent flooding. This solution is ideal for most properties however if the earth on which your property sits is full of clay, a soakaway would not be suitable as clay will not let water pass through.

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Soakaway Installations

To install a soakaways, we first make a 1 to 2 metre hole in the ground and then perform a filtration test which gives us an idea of what size soakaway will be needed for the area. From the results, we can then provide you with a quote to install a new soakaway at your property.

Blocked Soakaway Repairs

A soakway can become blocked over time with mud, gravel and even leaves. When this happens, water will start to flood to the surface and may cause damage. Drainage Care UK are able to clear blocked soakaways by using our high pressure water jetting to push out the blockage. in rare cases that it doesn’t work, we may have to carry out a CCTV survey to inspect the soakaway for further blockages and damages.

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