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Collapsed Drain Repairs

Although any kind of drainage trouble can be extremely irritating to deal with, there are few more serious than a collapsed drain. These issues can result in long-term damage to all kinds of property, including both domestic and commercial buildings. Leaving any kind of drain problem on-site can result in a range of major issues throughout your home or business. As such, it can be extremely costly to repair.

Here at Drainage Care, we can deliver a comprehensive range of collapsed drain repairs to quickly and easily resolve all kinds of drainage problems. Collapsed drainage systems, or even individual drain pipes, are some of the most severe problems that our professional team will be required to deal with. Without cost-effective repairs, these issues can have a major impact on the health and structural integrity of your property, and result in some long-term issues if not dealt with immediately.

What are the Causes of a Collapsed Drain?

There are several reasons why your drains might suddenly collapse after years of reliable service. Whatever the reason behind the issue developing, you need to make sure that you get a professional team to take a look at it. Some of the most common causes of these problems occurring in residential or commercial properties include:

  • General Wear and Tear – If your pipes have gone for many years without maintenance or repair work, then general wear and tear is to be expected. The metal of your pipes can begin to weaken and deteriorate over the years. This means that the weight of the earth settling on the pipes can cause the weaker material to collapse in on itself. In most cases, this will only occur in one small space, which means the entire drainage system will not need to be replaced.
  • Tree Root Intrusion and Damage – If there are any trees or large plants close to your drains, then there is the chance that these roots will grow directly into your pipes. The moisture in your pipes will attract the plant’s roots. These roots only need a tiny gap to grow directly into your drainage system.Once they are inside, the nutrients and moisture within the pipe will cause the roots to grow and swell extremely quickly. These roots can cause excessive damage to your system, including causing pipes to collapse.
  • Pipes Freezing – This is only really a threat for exposed drain pipes. During winter, when the temperature drops, pipes can easily freeze. This only becomes a problem if water in the drain pipe freezes as well. This can cause the pipe to swell, increasing the pressure the system is placed under.

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What are the Symptoms of Collapsed Drains in the UK?

When drains collapse, they can cause a range of problems across your property. This is true whether the collapsed pipe is located inside your home, or if it is connected to the mains sewer line away from your building. Some of the most common symptoms associated with collapsed drains in the UK include:

  • Damp and Mould – As water escapes, it can cause mould and damp to grow throughout your property. This can lead to a whole range of structural issues across your home or business. These issues can be incredibly difficult to resolve and, in many cases, extremely costly.
  • Flooding and Structural Damage – In high-capacity pipes, it is easy from collapsed drains to cause flooding of your property. This can occur in your home or beneath the surface of your soil. Either way, this can result in long-term structural damage. One of the biggest problems is, if flooding affects the area under your property, it can cause long-term damage to your structure’s foundations.
  • Standing Water and Waterlogging – Broken drains can cause water to completely flood the soil of your property. This will create an unpleasant, waterlogged space. It can also prevent rainwater from entering your soil and, instead, result in standing water which can be irritating to deal with and difficult to clear.

Thanks to collapsed drain repairs, you’ll be able to eliminate these issues from your property. Industry-leading collapsed drain repairs are the only way to prevent or limit damage to your home or business.

Complete Collapsed Drain Repairs from Drainage Care

Here at Drainage Care, we can deliver a comprehensive range of collapsed drain repairs for any kind of property in the South of England. Whether your entire drainage system has collapsed due to subsidence or increased pressure, or you simply need a small part of your system replacing, our team are here for you.

Our experienced team are able to deliver a complete repair and replacement service to ensure that your property’s drainage system continues to work as efficiently as possible. We can help you to reduce the risk of structural damage to your property.

For more information on our cost-effect collapsed drain repairs services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. You can call us directly on 0800 193 9973. Another option is to submit any questions, enquiries or concerns you have via our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back in touch as soon as we can.

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