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Drain Moling Repair

When a drain becomes badly damaged, to the extent that the drain needs fully repairing, we can carry out drain moling with this new method. It allows us to replace the drain pipes without having to excavate a large area. This method can be used on the installations of any new pipes, drainage pipes and other types of piping.

What Is Drainage Moling?

Drainage moling is a fast and easy way to repair a drain without having to dig up the land. Our highly-trained technicians use a piercing tool which then creates a bore from compacting and moving the soil rather than having to dig it up. When it is done properly moling can be the simplest and cost effective way of installing a new drain pipe by using its trench less technology.

Drainage Care UK use the latest methods to deal with broken drains or drains that need excavating in order for it to be repaired. Our latest method is called drain moling where no-dig technology can replace lead and iron piping.

Drainage moling works by impacting the ground at the beginning of a drain pipe to move soil and terrain to the sides while placing the new pipe inside until it reaches the end. This method of drainage repair is much quicker and a lot more cost effective than traditional methods. The price of excavating to repair collapsed or damaged drains can be pretty expensive compared to drain moling which is a more cost effective solution.

Drain moling trenchless technology drills and inserts full lengths of pipe at the same time, meaning it can fit an entire brand new drain pipe quickly without the inconvenience that excavation offers. By doing this you are not only just getting a new pipe but also extending the life of your drainage system.

We can provide Drain Moling for :

  • Lead Pipe Replacement
  • Iron Pipe Replacement
  • Water Pipe Replacement
  • Drainage Pipe Replacement
  • Drain Pipe Replacement

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