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The drainage system is an extremely important component of any building. If the drain gets flooded or blocked, then it can result in a huge loss for the property owner. There are also several laws regarding installation of drains. Drainage companies will be able to guide you out through the entire process.

What are the reasons for blocked drains?

Drains can get blocked because of many reasons:

  • Heavy Rainfall: During times of heavy rainfall, your drainage system will have to deal with a lot of water, which can result in blockage. Hence, it is advisable to clear out your drains, frequently during the rainy season.
  • Bad Installation: Your drain can also get blocked , if it hasn’t been installed properly. Low quality materials can also result in blockage.
  • The above reasons are not totally under your control. However, you must avoid doing the following things in order to prevent blockage:
  • Plant trees: There should be no trees near your drainage system. The roots often grow and enter your drains.<
  • Hairs: While washing your hair, make sure that it doesn’t fall into the drain. Long hairs can result in serious blockages. Even short hairs can also be damaging. You can also install strainers to prevent hair particles from flowing into the drain.
  • Dump food: Food can also block your drain. Before washing your dishes in the sink, make sure that there are no food particles.

Can I install drains myself?

There are no laws which prevents you from installing drains. But drain installation is really tricky. Unless you have enough knowledge about the different drain parts and how to assemble them, it is advisable not to try it yourself. Because, if you get it wrong, it will result in further damage.

What are the different types of drains?

    • French Drain: Most people prefer to install French drains. Here the water is diverted from the surface area to the public sewers.

    • Dry Well: This is quite similar to the French drains. But in this case, the water is diverted to a well, instead of a public sewer. This is also a very environment friendly method.
    • Full Gutter System: They are very popular in areas which are prone to heavy storms. They divert all the storm water into natural water bodies like ponds or lakes.

What is the cost of installing a drain?

The cost depends on a lot of factors. It depends on the surface area and what kind of drain you are installing. On an average, in case of French drains, per linear foot will cost around 15 dollars.

How long does it take to install a drain?

The time also depends on a lot of factors. Installing a normal French drain will take just a few hours. But in case of many complex projects, it may even take a week.

When is the best time to install a drain?

You should avoid the rainy season. Try to pick a bright and sunny day for your drain installation project.

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