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Rat Blocker For Drains

Here in the South of England, cities, towns and villages are all suffering from vermin infestations. Homes and businesses are both at risk and installing rat traps, or putting down rat poison, is becoming less and less effective. A reliable rat drain blocker can prevent vermin from entering your property in the first instance, meaning that you don’t need to deal with an infestation at all.

At Drainage Care, we can deliver a wide range of hard-wearing rat drain blockers to keep your home or business secure against vermin intrusion. Vermin blockers are a cruelty-free way of stopping rats, mice and other pests from entering your property. They are quickly becoming more and more popular in all kinds of properties, including both homes and businesses.

How Can a Rat Drain Blocker Prevent Infestation?

Rats, as you’ll know, can cause a range of problems to all kinds of properties. They can carry diseases with them, eat food and chew through wires, wood and pipes. Many businesses and homes are struggling to deal with these pests. Once a property has been infested, it can be incredibly difficult to clear them out.

Drainage systems and drain pipes are the most common ways for rats to enter your property. These pipes are warm, dark, wet and safe for rats to travel through. Rats can swim up pipes and enter your property through drainpipes, toilet bowls and more.

Thanks to a rat drain blocker, you’ll be able to prevent rodents from entering your drains at all. By installing these solutions at key points in your property’s connection to the main sewer lines, you can make it impossible for rats and other pests to access your drainage system.

How Do Rat Drain Blockers Work?

A rat drain blocker will be installed at a key point, or multiple points, across your drainage system. These hard-wearing metal plates are attached to the interior of your drainpipes via metal hinges. These models are essentially metal doorways which can only be opened by pressure from one side. This allows water and waste to flow away from your property, without rodents being able to access your property through the mains sewer line.

Although the metal used in a rat drain blocker is extremely hard-wearing, it is also thin. This means that it will not reduce the operating efficiency of your pipes. Blockages are a major concern for drainage systems. However, these anti-pest solutions will not contribute towards any blockages.

The Benefits of Rat Drain Blockers for Homes and Businesses

Rat blockers are a high-quality solution which can be used in a full range of properties. They are quick and easy to install and are designed to offer a long-lasting service in all kinds of homes and businesses. They are also extremely friendly to the environment, especially when you consider all the pesticide that you’ll be able to avoid. These cost-effective solutions will not require ongoing maintenance and will be able to deliver a reliable service for many years.

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What Makes Rat Traps and Pesticides Ineffective?

Rat traps and pesticides, whilst still a popular option when it comes to dealing with rodent infestations, are becoming less and less effective. Many rodents are becoming immune to pesticides or are learning to identify where they are in your home. Similarly, some rats are clever enough to avoid rat traps.

When they do work, these solutions can only be used when vermin are already present in your property. By the time you’ve noticed rats or mice on your property, it can already be too late to effectively do anything about it. Rats can carry a range of diseases and illnesses into your home or business. As soon as they are on-site, these pests can cause health hazards for your family, employees and customers.

Pesticides can also cause a range of health hazards if a human or pet encounters them. They cannot be used in areas involving food preparation or storage, which are two of the most common spaces you’ll find vermin infestations.

Rat traps can also be a health hazard in homes and businesses. They are extremely unpleasant to remove once they worked, and the rat caught in the trap can result in a range of health hazards whether it’s alive or dead.

Thanks to rat drain blockers in the South of England, you’ll never need to clear away a rat trap or put down pesticides ever again.

For High-Quality Rat Drain Blockers, Contact Drainage Care Today

Here at Drainage Care, our professional team can quickly and easily deliver and install rat blockers in all kinds of drainage systems. We can identify the main drains connecting your property to the mains sewer lines and install the doorways there. This will allow waste to flow freely away from your property but prevent rats and other vermin from entering.

For more information on the benefits that a rat drain blocker can provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. You can reach us directly on 0800 193 9973. If you prefer, you can send any questions or concerns you have to our team via our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you at a time that is convenient for you.

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