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Drain Cleaning Southampton

Drain clearance is highly important to ensure that any problems blocking your drains do not get any worse and cause long-term damage. Regularly having your drains cleared can proactively prevent blockages cause long term problems that would otherwise result in costly drain and pipe replacement works.

Our years of experience means that we have seen everything. As a drainage service, we can always offer the most cost-effective solution in preventing the problem from returning.

Here at Drainage Care, we are highly experienced in drain clearance and are able to deal with any issues that come our way. If your home or business needs its drains cleared we’re able to help with this.

Identifying the source of the blockage and being able to remove it if possible. In some cases, if the blockage is not removable, we are able to provide comprehensive drain repairs or replacement for your affected pipes.

Why Is Drain Clearance So Important?

Keeping your drains and pipes maintained is essential in any part of your property. Not being able to see easily when your drains are getting blocked can be an issue, especially if you are not actively looking out for the warning signs. Often making drain clearance an issue due to it being harder to unblock or causing more damage as the blockage was left so long.

Blocked drains Southampton is highly important and if not regularly carried out more issues and complications can occur. A blockage is able to cause pressure to spike within the system.  This is able to result in pipes and drains cracking or bursting as well as causing leaks in your property. Leaks can result in more issues such as mould, damp or sometimes flooding in areas of your property.

Some waste is often easily trapped, making drain clearance harder to carry out. Human waste or food waste is a huge health hazard especially if left to sit in your pipes. These types of waste are able to cause unpleasant smells around your property as well as able to cause illnesses and infections.

Why Do I Need Drain Clearance?

Drain cleaning Southampton is important to make sure you keep your drains running clear, letting anything pass through without an issue. Understanding how and why your drains are blocked is important. Dealing with the problem is critical in order to prevent the same issue in the future.

Environmental issues are able to cause blocked drains, which can often be due to bad luck. There are some issues that will have you will have little control over which can include:

  • Tree Roots          

These are naturally attracted to moisture. The water in your drains will cause nearby trees or plants to start growing their roots in that direction. These roots can sometimes come in direct contact with your pipes.

Only requiring a small gap, crack or a loose connection in the pipe to gain entry. These roots will grow quicker with the aid of water, moisture and warmth able to speed up the growth of the roots. Over a few short months, these roots are able to grow and can completely fill a pipe. These blockages can prevent waste from passing through the drains and are able to increase the pressure throughout. Tree roots are hard wearing and complicated to remove therefore will require a professional.

  • System Collapses

These are able to occur when your drains or pipes aren’t built to withstand pressure or have been damaged therefore the system can often collapse or burst. If a drain pipe ever collapses then the pipe’s debris will block the rest of the area, drain clearance is highly important in this insistence. There is a high risk that the water and waste can move around the burst pipe into the soil, causing more issues that can result in water damage or damage to your foundations.

These potential problems can also occur because of your own actions. These can often include:

  • Disposing of the wrong materials in the wrong way. Flushing materials such as kitchen roll, feminine products or wet wipes can cause blockages that are extremely hard to dispose of.
  • Fats, oils, and grease (FOGS) can lead to drain problems that need to be cleared. With these substances able to stick to the inside of your pipes it can cause build-ups and blockages. These substances can cause blockages that have to be cleared before causing increasing pressure into the system causing the system to collapse.

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Drain care is able to deal with drain unblocking, being able to resolve any of your property’s issues. Our experienced team is able to work with you and help with drain cleaning Southampton for commercial and residential areas.

To help with drain clearance we can provide CCTV drainage surveys to help understand the cause and solution of the blockage, giving advice on how to prevent this issue in the future.

In addition to CCTV drain surveys, we are able to help with drain clearance services, with high-pressure water-jetting to help with clearing your blocked drains. Being able to offer you replacement and repair services if there is damage to the drain system being able to help fix the problem.

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