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Drain Blockage Removal

Drain blockages can result in serious damage to your drainage system. They can easily allow pressure to build up, causing pipes to split and collapse. Even if the pipes affected don’t suffer severe damage, they can still be placed under higher pressure, making them more likely to break apart in the future. Thanks to drain blockage repair services, you’ll be able to restore your drains to full working order.

Here at Drainage Care, our experienced team can deliver a cost-effective and reliable service to both residential and commercial properties. Over the years, we have worked to resolve all kinds of drainage issues, including blockages. Using our comprehensive service, including CCTV drain surveys, drain unblocking and drainage repair services, we can eliminate all kinds of issues to ensure that your property doesn’t suffer as the result of faulty drains.

Drain Blockage Repair: What are the Causes of Drain Blockages in the UK?

Drain pipes can easily become blocked if you don’t follow the best drainage care advice. However, there are some issues which you won’t really be able to have any control over but can simply resolve as and when they occur.

Some of the most common causes of blocked drains for homes and businesses are:

  • Food Waste – All kinds of food waste, including fats, oils and greases (FOGs) can contribute to blockages in your drains. In many cases, FOGs will adhere to the walls of your drains and prevent other waste from being able to easily pass through. This can quickly build up to create total or partial blockages, which can affect the health of your entire system.
  • Flushing Unsuitable Materials – Most blockages in the UK come as the result of homeowners, employees or customers flushing materials which they shouldn’t. Some of the most common materials which are flushed down toilets and lead to blockages include:
    • Kitchen Roll or Rolled Up Toilet Paper.
    • Feminine Products.
    • Baby Wipes.
    • Make-Up.
  • Hair and Soap Scum – Showers and baths are both responsible for a wide range of blockages in residential drains. Hair and soap scum can ball together to create extremely tough blockages. If this combines with other materials, such as FOGs, then the blockages can be almost impossible to shift.
  • Tree Root Intrusion – For underground drain pipes, tree and plant roots will be attracted towards the moisture in them. Tree roots only need a tiny space to grow into a drain, such as a loose connection between pipes. These roots can quickly grow in size due to the water and nutrients in these pipes.As they grow, tree roots will become increasingly sturdy. As a result, they can cause major blockages in pipes of all sizes. In most cases, the damage that these roots do will cause the drain pipe itself to be damaged beyond repair. As such, it will need to be replaced.

How Can Drain Blockage Repair Prevent Damage to Your Property?

If your drainage system has suffered damage from a blockage, then you need professional blockage clearance drain repair. Thanks to the comprehensive repair and replacement services that we can provide, your drainage system will be able to deliver a reliable service for many years to come.

Drain blockages can result in all sorts of damage to your property. Some of the issues caused by drain blockages can actually result in long-term structural damage to your home or business. In the worst cases, it can even affect your foundations which could require expensive and disruptive repair work to put right.

Whether you’re currently suffering from blocked drains, or your drains have taken damage following a previous blockage, your property could be at risk of flooding. Burst pipes, collapsed pipes and other issues can all cause your home or business to flood. Flooding can cause damage to your belongings, put your family or employees at risk, make certain areas of your home inaccessible and even result in long-term damage to your property’s foundations.

What Does Drain Blockage Repair Involve?

When it comes to drain blockage clearance and repair, the professional team at Drainage Care will offer a comprehensive service. We will introduce a CCTV drain survey to identify the exact nature of the problem. If the blockage still exists, we will analyse what it is made of and ensure that it is cleared as quickly and cleanly as possible.

To clear blockages, we’ll use drain rodding techniques and high-pressure water-jetting to ensure the issue is completely removed. Following this clearance, we will inspect the drain pipe itself. If the pipe has suffered any damage, we will either recommend repairing the drain or, in the worst circumstances, conduct reliable replacement work.

For Professional Drain Blockage Repair Services, Get in Touch with Drainage Care Today

Here at Drainage Care, we can deliver cost-effect blockage repair services, in addition to reliable removal solutions. Whatever kind of drainage issue you’re suffering from, our professional team are here to resolve it as quickly as possible.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. You can call our drain blockage repair specialists today on 0800 193 9973. You can also get in touch through our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you.


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