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Drainage Care UK provide grease trap cleaning in Salisbury. So what is a grease trap?. A grease trap is basically an interceptor that is located in a restaurants drains or sewage drains to separate grease, fat, oils and food waste from water. By doing this it prevents these fats and greases from entering into the waste management system.

Most grease traps are located inside of the property kitchen or sometimes outside the kitchen areas. The majority of big restaurants, colleges and schools have the grease trap located outside hidden in the ground. Smaller restaurants and other businesses may have the grease trap located inside.

Why does the Grease Trap need Cleaning?

If a grease trap is not regularly cleaned it can cause a number of problems later on. If the levels of the collected waste are not cleaned regularly or controlled. This can have bad effects and can cause drain blockages, waste coming back up the drains, strong smelling odours and fatty waste escaping into the drainage system.

To ensure the grease trap remains clean and in full working order, it is the sole responsibility for the property owner to have someone come out and have the grease trap maintained and cleaned every now and again. Failing this can lead to health and safety fines.

Drainage Care UK Grease Trap Cleaning Services in Salisbury

  • Regular checks and cleaning of the grease trap quarterly.
  • Removal of blockages and build ups.
  • The use of anti bacteria additives to reduce build up of grease fats, and other wastes.
  • Advice on grease trap systems for new installations or upgrades.
  • Maintenance logs

If you need any advice on grease trap cleaning, installations or repairs in Salisbury. Then please contact us on the following details and we will be more than happy to talk everything over with you. Call Today on : 0800 193 9973

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