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Gone are the days when people used to unblock drains using their hands. In this present scenario, you can get a sigh of relief, as there are many other methods to clean Blocked drains.

Hiring a professional cleaner is the best way to solve such problem.

Blocked drains are common issues in almost every household. Whether it’s a basin, drain, sink, pipe, or toilet they get can get blocked, which causes a lot of problems.

Bleach can work to a certain extent, but it is better to take some permanent actions to solve the problem.

Blockages in drains are caused due to deposits of foreign materials and objects inside the pipe that carries wastewater. These substances include food, soap pieces, fat and hair.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to get your drains cleaned regularly to avoid such occurrences.

A blocked drain causes a lot of stress as it creates household inconveniences and an unbearable smell. Please note, proper drain cleaning can only be done by the professional cleaners.

It is true that cleaning services are in great demand. Here are some of the main reasons why you should always hire the services of a professional to clean your blocked drains, such as:

Clearing Blocked Drains

Superior Quality Services: When the professional plumber is requested to come, they firstly evaluate the problem causing area and then they start with the drain cleaning procedures to resolve the issues at hand.

The drains are deeply checked to find if there are any solid substances lying inside the drain to cause the blockage. At last, they remove such elements to clean the blocked drains. They make use of high tech tools to unblock the draining systems.

Use of eco-friendly chemicals: To deal with the blocked drains, the professional cleaners make use of eco-friendly chemicals which do not damage the environment.

The plumbers you hire will only use high-quality products to clean your drain. They ensure that all unwanted materials are eliminated.

In addition to such chemicals, they also use other equipment such as CCTV to visualise inside the sewer lines. They also make use of the jetting equipment to clean the blocked drains.

Saves your money and time: It is next to impossible to clean the blocked drains by yourself. Therefore, hiring a professional plumber for cleaning blocked drains saves you money.

It is always beneficial to hire professional cleaners as they are well trained in solving these issues. Hiring a plumber will save you time especially when all family members are working.

Quality service: A professional plumber will diagnose the cause before starting to fix the problem. They will probably check the whole drainage system, asses it accordingly and later fixes the problem once and for all.

Protection from toxins: The waste which passes through the sewer lines contains harmful toxins. If left unattended to, your blocked drains can cause several diseases.

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Professional Drain Unblocking Plumbers

The professional plumbers are well versed with the cleaning techniques that are effective and result oriented. They know how to protect the residents from such toxin materials.

There are many companies that offer affordable drain cleaning services at affordable prices.

We understand that having a drainage emergency can be a terrible event, so our technicians have the most up to date technology to help you in those moments. You can rely on us to have the tools on board to deal with your emergency there and then.

Drainage Care UK specialise in clearing and cleaning all household and commercial drainage systems. Whether it’s a simple blockage that needs a good rodding or a larger problem, we can get to the issue, diagnose and solve fast.

Clearing Blocked Drains

Our engineers are fully trained to use all the specialist equipment they carry on board our vehicles, including the following:

  • Mechanical drain cleaners
  • High-pressure water jetting
  • Water ram technology
  • Hand rodding equipment
  • Root cutting equipment

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