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A blocked toilet or sink can be very unhygienic, at Drainage Care UK we can come out and unblock toilets and sinks quickly and effectively using our state of the art rods and water jets. Our staff are qualified and experienced in dealing with blocked toilets and blocked sinks and can offer a quote there and then for the work to be done. We cover Southampton and the surrounding areas.

With our quick 24/7 emergency call out and fast response time you can rely on us to fix your blocked sink or toilet, fast, hassle free and effectively. Unblocking sinks and toilets is one of our main business skills and our team of technicians can unblock them anywhere we are required.

In most causes a blocked toilet or sink is caused by tissue, hair, sanitary products and even nappies being flush down the toilet. In rare causes toys and even mobile phones can end up down the toilet causing a complete blockage of the system. Getting your toilet or sink unblocked as soon as you notice it is recommended as it may cause other issues such as blockages, damages and flooding. Our technicians are trained to also carry out cleaning and repairs to sinks and toilets.

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There is nothing worse than a leaking, broken toilet or sink and it can cause havoc on a property if it goes unsorted. Water leaking from sinks and toilets can really cause bad damage to flooring, floorboards, carpets and even ceilings if the bathroom is upstairs.

If you have blocked toilets or blocked sinks in Southampton give us a call today and we will help you with your situation. Call : 0800 193 9973 or Email :

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