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Blocked Toilet Bristol

Blocked Toilet Bristol

There are few kinds of blockages which can cause a greater impact on your life than a blocked toilet. Whether you’re suddenly affected by an unpleasant smell from the drains or if the blockage causes your entire bathroom to flood, the fact remains that blocked toilets can really ruin your day. Dealing with a blocked toilet in Bristol yourself can be unpleasant, but if they are majorly blocked it can be impossible to deal with yourself.

Here at Drainage Care UK, we specialise in clearing blockages of all sizes from all kinds of systems. For many years, our team of drainage specialists have been working in a range of properties to eliminate a blocked toilet in Bristol and other kinds of drainage blockages to ensure the entire system operates effectively. We believe in using the latest technology to make every project as quick and easy as possible – that means we provide the most efficient, affordable and speedy service to all of our commercial and residential customers.

Professional Blocked Toilet Clearance in Bristol

Toilets can become blocked in several different ways. Most commonly, it is because they are subjected to a load which is too large for the pipes to handle. Depending on where in the drains this blockage occurs can change how difficult it is to remove. For example, if the blockage is close to the toilet bowl itself, it can often be resolved with something as simple as a plunger. However, if the blockage is further down the pipe, it can require special tools to effectively remove.

Another common way that a toilet can become blocked is if the blockage builds up over time. This can occur when the wrong types of things are flushed and are unable to effectively pass through the system. This can then build up as other materials and waste is added to the blockage until it closes off the pipe completely.

Either way, these kinds of blockages can cause long-lasting problems to the health of your drainage system.

Potential Problems Caused by Blocked Toilets

Blocked Toilets are more than unpleasant. They can cause a range of issues relating to your drainage system as well as your own personal health. Just some of the most common problems associated with blocked toilets in Bristol can include:

  • Long-Lasting System Damage – If a blockage is left for any period of time, it can start to cause a great deal of damage to your pipes. Whether this is a result of the blockage itself causing the pipes to degrade or the pressure of the blockage leading to burst pipes or warping, it can cause a whole range of issues. Blockages, when they aren’t dealt with properly, can lead to extremely expensive repair or replacement work further down the line, not to mention the hassle. There is also the risk that burst pipes could result in extensive property damage.
  • Flooding – Whenever there is a blockage on an active water pipe, there is the risk of flooding. With nowhere to go, the pressure in the pipe will build until the water or waste is forced back in the direction it came from. This is a problem when the blockage occurs in a sink, for example, but it can be extremely unpleasant when talking about a blocked toilet in Bristol.
  • Illnesses – In addition to causing damage to your system, backflowing waste can actually be a health risk. When a blocked toilet overflows, it can cause flooding and all the waste caught in the pipe can rise with the flooding water. In addition to ruining the room itself, it can result in terrible smells and cause infections and diseases to those who encounter it.

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The specialised team at Drainage Care UK can quickly and easily eliminate blockages of all shapes and sizes in all kinds of systems. A blocked toilet in Bristol can be a dangerous thing, for both your health and the health of your drainage system. You need to work with a professional team that you can trust. Thanks to our experience and focus on the latest technology, we can deal with all kinds of blockages in record time.

Using CCTV drain surveys, high-pressure jetting and drain rodding, our team offer a service which is cheaper, more effective and less intrusive than any other company. In addition to dealing with specific blockages, we can also provide comprehensive overviews of your entire drainage system. That means you can understand why your blockages occur and help you in reducing the risk of another occurring.

For a specialist team to deal with your blocked toilet in Bristol, get in touch with Drainage Care UK today. We can provide comprehensive services through Bristol and the surrounding areas, including Thornbury, Bath, Weston-Super-Mare and Berkeley.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional team directly on 0117 336 1134.

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