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Blocked Shower Bristol

Blocked Shower Bristol

When your shower becomes blocked, it can be extremely difficult to clear the blockage if it isn’t immediately accessible. A blocked shower in Bristol can lead to all kinds of issues, many of which will result in costly repair work if left unattended. Here at Drainage Care UK, we specialise in the removal of all kinds of drainage blockages to ensure that your drains are working as efficiently as possible.

Shower blockages tend to be completely different to those you’ll find in a sink or toilet. The mixture of soap scum, hair and other cleaning products that your shower is subjected to on a daily basis can lead to some blockages which are extremely difficult and unpleasant to shift. If the blockage occurs close to the drain in the shower, it can be resolved in a matter of minutes, but if a clump of hair and soap scum becomes lodged further down the drain, it can be almost impossible for a non-professional to dislodge.

Potential Problems Caused by a Blocked Shower in Bristol

Here at Drainage Care UK, we specialise in the removal of blockages from all kinds of drainage systems. It is absolutely essential that any blockages in your drains, sinks, toilets and showers are all dealt with as quickly as possible. Leaving any kind of blockage in place is extremely dangerous when it comes to your drains.

Just some of the more common issues associated with blocked showers in Bristol include:

  • The Risk of Flooding – Whenever there is a blockage on any kind of active water pipe, there is a major risk of flooding. As the water continues to build up in the pipes, it will eventually overflow back up the pipe. As showers utilise a large volume of water, the risk of flooding is higher than those of many other pipe blockages. If pipes are allowed to remain blocked, then water can cause a great deal of damage to the surrounding area. At its worst, this kind of flooding can even cause extremely costly structural damage to your property.
  • Drainage System Damage – Blockages are extremely dangerous to the overall health of your system. The blockage itself in your shower pipes is unlikely to cause a great deal of damage to the metal itself. However, if the blockage is tight enough, it can cause pressure to rise which can then lead to pipes breaking and flooding.
  • Greatly-Reduced Efficiency – The blockage in the pipes prevents water from leaving the shower as quickly as necessary. Not only can this lead to flooding, but also make the entire shower less enjoyable and inefficient in its use of water. When water, particularly dirty water, cannot leave the shower cubicle it can be extremely unpleasant.
  • Bad Smells – When water is trapped in the pipes, particularly the dirty water left over from a shower, it can cause a range of poor smells which can ruin the entire experience. In a space like your shower, cleanliness is the most important aspect and any unpleasant smell can be extremely irritating.

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Here at Drainage Care UK, our team of drainage specialists and plumbers can quickly and easily eliminate blockages of all shapes and sizes in a range of drain systems. A blocked shower in Bristol can not only be extremely unpleasant to deal with, but can lead to a range of potentially dangerous consequences which require costly repair work. If you want to avoid the risk of this costly repair work, then it is important to get in touch with a professional team.

Over the years, our team have gained extensive experience on the hundreds of projects we have completed across Bristol. We believe in using the latest technology to clear any kind of blockage, including a blocked shower in Bristol, as quickly and efficiently as possible. No matter where the blockage is located, we can use industry-leading CCTV drain surveys to identify the location of any blockage in your system. Using a combination of drain rodding and high-pressure jetting, we can eliminate a blocked shower in Bristol and return it to perfect working order.

We even have the ability to provide you with a complete overview of your drainage systems. That means you can understand where the blockages are most likely to occur and why. That gives you the edge you need to avoid blocked pipes in the future and ensure your entire system operates smoothly.

If you’re looking for a professional team to deal with your blocked shower in Bristol, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Drainage Care UK today. We can provide complete clearance and unblocking services throughout Bristol and the surrounding areas, including Bath, Western-Super-Mare and Thornbury. Get in touch with our specialist local team today by calling us directly on 0117 336 1134.

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