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Vacuum Drain System

Here at Drainage Care, we can install all kinds of drains and sewer systems to suit your needs. Some of the most popular drainage systems for use in today’s properties are vacuum drain systems. A vacuum drain system can deliver a range of benefits to your property. These systems use vacuum pressure and gravity to collect and dispose of waste of all kinds.

A vacuum drain system is unique in that is can be installed above ground. Using gravity and vacuum power, waste will be moved quickly and effectively through the system.

Here at Drainage Care, we specialise in providing industry-leading vacuum drain systems for all kinds of properties in the UK. These solutions are normally used in industrial and commercial properties but can be installed in domestic properties if required. Our team of drainage specialists can work to install truly effective and practical drainage systems to suit your needs.

What is a Vacuum Drain System?

These practical drainage systems can be used in all kinds of properties. Using the combined energies provided by vacuum pressure and gravity, you’ll be able to collect, convey and dispose of all kinds of waste. This network of pipes can be installed underground or above ground, depending on your needs.

These solutions are ideal for a wide range of properties across the UK. Properties situated on hills and uneven terrain, for example, can often have difficulty disposing of their waste. Thanks to the added force of the vacuum system, waste can be effectively transferred uphill to meet the sewer mains.

What are The Components of a Vacuum Drain System?

An industry-leading vacuum drain system is made up of three main components. These are:

  • The Vacuum Generating System (Vac Centre) – This is the area of the system which generates the vacuum force. This will force the system to move waste at greater speeds or pull the waste in directions it wouldn’t normally move. This vacuum generator can be thought of as the heart of the system.
  • A Conveyance System – In addition to the vacuum generator, there needs to be a conveyance system in place. This will encourage the waste to move through the drains. This system is normally made up of pipes and connections. Using a mixture of vacuum and gravity force, this system will be responsible for conveying the waste to the mains sewer line.
  • Individual Collection Points – Individual collection points are an essential part of the vacuum drain system’s design. This can collect waste as it passes through the system. This will not only reduce stress on the system but make it easier for the vacuum power to manoeuvre the waste as required.

What are The Benefits of a Vacuum Drain System?

When you choose to install a vacuum-based system over a traditional design, you will be reducing your impact on the environment. A typical vacuum design, for example, will reduce the overall water consumption for toilets by around 68%. In addition to providing environmental advantages, a vacuum system will also help to save money. They can reduce your water bills by thousands of pounds over their lifetime.

One of the most obvious benefits for these systems is that they can be installed in areas where traditional drainage may prove ineffective. Thanks to the power of the vacuum systems, these solutions can carry waste uphill and above ground, depending on your needs. Therefore, you can access sewer lines which would otherwise be extremely difficult to connect to.

When Should You Choose a Vacuum Solution Over Traditional Drains?

There are few situations where a traditional solution is more effective than a vacuum system. In some cases, a water-based solution is easier to connect to the existing sewer lines. However, vacuum models are ideal for new builds and open architecture plans.

Vacuum solutions tend to be lighter and quieter, making them perfect for modern homes and businesses. They can also be used in a wider range of areas to great effect. Vacuum designs are also much easier to maintain when compared to traditional drains as they will become blocked less often.

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Here at Drainage Care, our experienced team can provide a complete range of vacuum drain systems. We can install a wide range of systems to suit your property’s needs. Whether you need a diverse system to transfer a variety of waste types, our team are here for you.

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