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Sump Pump Installers

Protecting your substructures from the effects of flooding and waterlogging can be extremely difficult without the correct systems. Here at Drainage Care, we can provide complete Sump Pump Installers for a complete range of properties. These unique systems are designed to keep basements, crawlspaces and substructures clear of standing water. This can be essential when protecting your property from a complete range of structural issues, including long-term damage toy our foundations.

Over the years, the experienced team at Drainage Care have worked with a complete range of properties in the UK. Our sump pumps have been used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings across the country. They can deliver extremely high-quality services when installed alongside drain tile systems.

What is a Sump Pump Drainage System? – Sump Pump Installers

A sump pump is a small, discreet pump which is usually installed in the lowest area of your home. This could be at the bottom of your home’s basement or crawl space, for example. The sump pump itself will be installed in a designated area known as a sump pit.

When used alongside a drain til system, all water that enters your home will directed straight into the sump pit. The sump pump will then remove the water from the pit and pump it away from your home. This can not only work to protect your property from the potentially damaging effects of excess water. As such, sump pump systems can be used to ensure dryness in your basement and protect your entire property from mould and damp.

What are the Risks of Flooding and Waterlogging in the South-West?

Without a reliable sump pump system, your property could be vulnerable to a wide range of damages. Rainwater and grey water from a broken pipe can cause the adjacent soil or earth to swell. When they dry, they can shrink again, resulting in open spaces and gaps which can easily fill with water.

This water can then cause flooding and direct damage to your property. Without effective drainage, your property could suffer from serious structural issues such as rising damp, mould and structural weaknesses.

What is Included in a Sump Pump Drainage System?

When you choose to install a sump pump system for drainage in your home or business, this system will include:

  • Sump Pit – This small hole will usually be lined with gravel. This pit will be used to trap the water and pump it away from your property.
  • Discharge Pipe – This is the pipe which will be used to direct the water out of your basement.
  • Check Valve – A check valve is a hard-wearing, one-way valve which prevents waste water from flowing backwards. This ensures that no water can re-enter your property.
  • Reliable Pressure Sensors – These sensors ensure that the sump pump turns on when it is required.

Do I Need a Sump Pump Drainage System in the UK?

Not every property will need a sump pump system. They are recommended for any property with a basement or substructure. Some of the clear warning signs that you should install a reliable sump pump system can include:

  • Previous Flooding – If your domestic, commercial or industrial property has flooded in the past, a sump pump could be essential. These solutions can provide permanent protection against these issues and prevent them from happening again.
  • A Vulnerable Location – If your home or business is located in a vulnerable location, a sump pump is essential. This can include a flat or low-lying area which is vulnerable to flooding. If your basement is close to the local water table, it is likely to be infiltrated by water.
  • Vulnerable to The Weather – If your location suffers from heavy rainfall, then your property could be extremely vulnerable. The soil surrounding your basement can easily become saturated with water and waterlogged. As the pressure in this soil continues to build, it is likely that your basement will flood.
  • Finished Basements – If your basement has been finished with drywall and furnishings, it could be just as vulnerable to water damage as an unfinished version. However, it can be much costlier to repair in the event of flooding. As such, sump pumps can be used to protect your investment.

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Here at Drainage Care, our experienced team of drainage experts can deliver complete sump pump installation services for all kinds of properties. We can deliver a complete range of installation and maintenance for sump pump drainage systems. In the past, we have installed these solutions on commercial, industrial and residential properties.

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