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Is there a bad smell coming from your drains or in your house? This can be a sure sign that there is a problem with your drains. This may become a lot worse if left untreated. Fixing smelly drains is sometimes simple but you may require the assistance of drain engineers if the problem lies deeper into your drainage system. Are you experiencing this issue? Let’s explore together the causes and solutions for smelly waste.

Why are my drains producing foul Smells?

The curved pipe under your sink is known as p-trap. This area in the sink drainage can quickly become blocked from fats, grease, oils and food debris over time it builds up and can cause blockages as well as foul smells. Sometimes the problem can be solved by pouring hot water down the sink hole, this can help remove bad smells and blockages. However, if the blockage and smells still remain it may require the attention of a drain technician to take a closer look at the problem.

Do I require an expert to solve smelly drains?

You may require a drain technician to establish the cause of the foul smell. Home solutions do not always work and sometimes only complicates the problem. Take for example, a situation where the foul smell is as a result of a blocked pipe that drains waste water to the regional sewer system. This is a problem that, if not quickly rectified, can lead to drainage waste flooding onto your floor. This is not something you would want to happen as it could cause damage to your home.

Are smelly drains a health hazard?

Yes, smelly drains can be a serious health hazard due to two major reasons. First, the foul smell is an irritant which can expose our underlying health problems. People who are allergic to strong smells will develop reactions which may require treatment and in some cases may be fatal such as in asthmatic patients. The odour also causes stress,migraines,poor moods and may lead to depression. Secondly, stagnant water which is ordinarily dirty, is an ideal breeding sites for bacteria,some of which may be pathogenic and therefore cause diseases. The best way to avoid these health hazards is to fix the smelly drains at nearest available opportunity.

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What is the cost of fixing smelly drains?

Do you have home insurance? Most home insurances will cover a one off fix for drainage problems. If your house is not covered, you can call the experts to advise you on the cost implications. However, it will depend on the degree of blockage and the approximate time that the drainage technicians will take to fix the issue.

Who fixes smelly drains?

Drainage Care UK can provide drainage technicians who are just a call away. In most cases, failure to get help from fully qualified drainage technicians can lead to a complex problems that may be much more expensive to fix.


Leaving it to the last minute to fix smelly or blocked drains can be a real problem and lead to more complications. Have a drainage technician come out and take care of the job for you, they can get your drains back up and running and provide useful help and advice on how to prevent future problems.

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