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Restaurant Drainage / Cleaning – A Task That Should Be At the Top of Your List

For a restaurant, problems with their drains are a major issue. After all, diners do not want to eat accompanied by unpleasant smells! Drainage issues could lead to flooding as well, meaning that your premises will have to be closed until the drains are cleared, and the floors are cleaned. So it really is vitally important to get the drains cleared as quickly as possible. Drainage Care UK will attend the “patient”, diagnose the problem, and operate, allowing you to get back to the business of running your restaurant.

Solving a very usual problem in restaurants

Drainage problems are common in restaurants thanks to the heavy use they see. What with food and grease often being discarded down the sink, equipment being constantly in use, laundry of table linen, and customer use of toilets, it is no wonder that drains can get blocked. Our specialty is fixing those problems, using our high-tech equipment and all the knowledge we’ve acquired in our 25 years of experience. So whenever you have a drain emergency, just pick up the phone and call us in. We will quickly fix the situation and leave you with a perfectly clear and functioning drainage system.

Of course, prevention is definitely better than cure. The best way to stop your drains from becoming clogged up is to avoid using the drains for disposing of food. Grease traps will help stop the drains from becoming blocked, but these do need to be cleaned regularly. That’s another task we can easily deal with. We are also delighted to take on regular maintenance of your drains, which will also help to keep your restaurant running smoothly.

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