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Saving money and the environment – Rainwater Harvesting is the best option for your home

Are you aware of just how much money you are throwing down the drain? If you are using mains water to water your garden or flush the toilet, you are using water that you are paying for – and it is not necessary to use clean water for these purposes. Many people collect rainwater for their garden, which will certainly save them some money, and water barrels are cheap to purchase. But what about inside the home? How can you save money, as well as this precious resource? The answer is rainwater harvesting, which allows you to collect rainwater and use it indoors.

The win-win solution

It might seem surprising, but only a small percentage of the water on Earth is suitable for drinking. That is why conscientious consumers will prefer to avoid using their drinking-quality tap water for laundry or flushing the toilet. After all, you do not need to use the best-quality water for these purposes. Harvested rainwater takes this abundant resource that would otherwise go to waste, and uses it within your home or business for toilets, washing machines, and even cooling. So you’ll save money on your water bill, help protect the supply of fresh drinking water, and make good use of rainwater. Win-win all round!

Rainwater harvesting works by collecting and filtering the water. This is very important as otherwise the water can become stagnant; just think of how a water barrel in the garden can turn green and attract mosquitos. Water that is going to be used in laundry or for flushing a toilet needs to be clean, even if it doesn’t have to be of drinking quality. Your rainwater harvesting system ensures that the water is as clean as possible once it is stored for future use.

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