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Drain Testing

Newly-laid drainage systems, or those which have recently been repaired, should undergo drain testing.  This can be the only way to identify any potential weak points in the system, including the water-tightness of manholes and inspection chambers. Any weak points in a drainage system can spell long-term trouble for adjacent properties. For example, escaping water can seriously damage a building’s foundations, or cause waterlogging.

Here at Drainage Care, we can provide reliable drain testing for all kinds of systems, including:

  • Domestic Drainage.
  • Commercial Systems.
  • Industrial Sewers.
  • Mains Sewer Lines.
  • Septic Tank Systems.

Drain testing is an integral part of any kind of system installation. Without this service, you could find yourself paying through the nose for a system that doesn’t work as it should. In the worst cases, you won’t even notice the issues caused by a malfunctioning system until it’s too late. Using a trusted drainage tester is the only way to avoid structural damage, waterlogging and other serious issues across your property.

What is Drain Testing?

Drain testing is a way for drainage engineers to understand how water-tight your system is. These tests will be used to identify problematic joints and defective pipes. Normally, these tests will be conducted on individual pipes to ensure they are completely reliable before being fully installed.

There are two main types of test used to understand the state of newly-installed drains. These are:

  • The Air Test.
  • The Water Test.

What is an Air Test?

An air test is used on all pipework following the installation. This involves capping a drainpipe or system and filling the system with air. If the air pressure within the system drops, then this indicates that there is a leak or poor join in the system. Escaping air can turn into leaking water and waste during the system’s operation.

An air test can be quite quick and easy to perform. As such, these tests will be performed first. A water test should only be conducted after a problem has been detected with the air test. A failed air test doesn’t mean that the pipe itself needs to be condemned. However, it can indicate that there is a problem which needs to be dealt with.

What is The Water Test?

The water test is the next step once a problem has been detected with an air test. Water tests can be used to evaluate entire systems, including gullies and chambers, in addition to individual pipes.

During a water test, the downstream end of the pipe or system will be covered. The pipes will then be filled with water and left for several minutes. If the level of water in the system has dropped beyond acceptable levels, then you will be able to identify any leakages. Depending on the size and diameter of the pipe in question, the acceptable leakage will change.

In addition to these tests, all pipes should be given an in-depth inspection to try and identify any obvious signs of damage.

A Comprehensive Range of Drain Repairs and Replacements

Here at Drainage Care, our experienced team can deliver a complete range of repair and replacement services. If any of your drains or pipes are offering a substandard service, our team are here for you. We can identify all kinds of problems and developing issues using air tests and water tests.

If your damage pipe or connections can be repaired, we can do it. We specialise in helping all kinds of systems return to their peak working capacity. If your system is beyond repair, then we can deliver replacement models as required.

Whether you’re suffering from cracked pipes, warped pipes or loose connections, our team are here for you. We can work with you to restore your drainage systems to full working order. Thanks to our industry-leading drain testing services, we’ll be able to identify all problems with your drainage systems.

For Comprehensive Drain Testing Services, Get in Touch with Drainage Care Today

The Drainage Care team can deliver a complete range of drain testing services for all kinds of properties. We can help to identify potential problems with commercial and domestic properties across the South of England.

We can provide both air and water tests to ensure that your drains will offer a reliable service. Thanks to drain testing, you’ll be able to avoid a range of serious problems in the future. Without drainage testing, you could suffer from waterlogging, foundation damages and rising damp.

For more information on our drain testing services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. You can reach our experts by calling us directly on 0800 193 9973. If you prefer, you can also send any enquiries through our simple online contact form. Our team will do everything in our power to get back to you as soon as we can.

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