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Everything you need to know about Drain Specialists

Private property owners and tenants will inevitably have had to face water or drain-related issues at a given point in time. Whether a blocked drain that is causing odour or leakage under your sink, drain specialists for residential properties will be the professionals to turn to deal with the problem in a most efficient way. Similarly, commercial and industrial properties that face similar challenges on a slightly different scale would benefit from the expertise of a drain specialist who can pinpoint the root cause of the issue and provide a viable solution.

Who can I Contact for Drain Cleaning?

General Plumbing Services will cover jobs such as dripping taps, toilet or basin replacement as well as sink and internal pipe repairs. If your concerns fall outside of these categories and instead are more closely related to suspected general drainage issues, a drain specialist will be required to perform drain cleaning following an examination of the possible origin of blockage. Drainage Specialists are also able to undertake the removal of waste from commercial or industrial land and dispose of it accordingly.

Who Uses Drain Specialists?

Any individual, business or property owner who is experiencing water-related problems linked to clogged drains, damaged drainage pipes or require routine drain cleaning or maintenance. For residential, commercial or industrial properties, drain specialists are able to provide end-to-end service; – effectively removing the issue or clog as well as conduct a CCTV survey to prevent blockage further down the line. Professional drainage companies and specialists have the necessary technology, equipment and skilled technicians who can assist in a wide variety of scenarios and deal with complex drainage problems as efficiently as with common domestic setbacks.

Does house insurance cover drain specialists?

If you are using a private drain specialist or contracting a company, you should ensure that they are fully vetted and are recommended insurance contractors if you desire to make a claim under home insurance policy to cover the costs of work such as drainage or general repairs if required. To sum up, your contractor of choice needs to have sufficient accreditation in order for you to make eventual claims in the event of accidents or repair faults.

Who is responsible for drain specialists, the tenant or the landlord?

In the UK, the landlord is responsible for clearing blocked sewers, drains and external waste pipes blocked as a result of use. The landlord will be responsible to contract a drain specialist to perform pipe work and external drain cleaning. Additionally, the respective tenant is held responsible for internal work such as the replacement of wash basins, toilet bowls, baths, sinks and drainers. If you are unsure whether the blocked drain or sewer is public or private, a drain specialist will be able to consult on which type of sewer of drain is affected and therefore determine who is responsible for paying up for the issue and resulting services.

Are Blocked Drain Harmful to your Health?

Blocked drains can cause damage to your property and contribute to an unhealthy atmosphere. Moisture acts as a flourishing environment for bacteria and thus a blocked drain is prone to attract germs that may be potentially harmful to your health.

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