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There are several companies all around the United Kingdom that provide expert drain pipe repair services. One of them is Drainage Care UK, which is a company that is established in Hampshire and provides 24 hour emergency drain pipe repair services to all domestic, commercial and industrial properties. Our work is not only about drain pipe fixing & cleaning, but also installation too.

What causes blocked drains?

Many things can be the cause of blocked drains. First, it is important to distinguish whether the channel is outside or inside. If it is located outdoor the reason of the blockage can be caused by dead leaves or tree-roots. If the drain is indoor, then heavy materials and flushed down objects can be responsible for the trouble. It is essential to call an expert in the case of clogged pipe otherwise it can lead to health issues.

What kind of illnesses can be related to blocked drains?

If the pipe is blocked the water becomes contaminated, drinking from the sink can be harmful. Other effect of the congestion is the bad smell. Not only it is not great to our nose but it can be the cause of headache, bad mood and anxiety as well. If someone is suffering from asthma, a blocked drain can irritate and make this illness even worse. Due to these health issues, it is advisable to contact with a drain repair service as soon as possible.

Who is responsible for drain pipe repair?

Inside your property, you are the one who should take care of the maintains of the pipe. It is possible to cover it with insurance however, it depends on your insurance company and on the size of the damage. Your local authority health department can provide more information about the payment.
If you are renting a flat than it is the landlords’ responsibility to get the drain unblocked. In case of the blockage the tenant should inform the owner of the property.

Who can clean my drains?

Even though there are a lot of advice on the internet how to clean your own drain, the best solution is to call an expertise. Because trying to unblock our pipe can cause greater problems to your household. There are companies such as Drainage Care UK, who can deal with the blockages and floods. If you call the emergency line they will be there in two hours, taking care of the problem professionally.

Concluding the above-mentioned questions and answers, getting your drains clean is essential. It is easy to notice if there is a problem with our drain pipe (the toilet does not flash the water). Calling a drain repair service can help avoid unpleasant situations such as bad smell, stacked toilet and undrinkable water.

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