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Blocked drains are an unpleasant inconvenience and a health hazard if left unclogged. We will discuss the reasons why drains get clogged or blocked, the range of techniques used to clear the drains such as high-pressure drain jetting, etc. And then we will discuss if the house insurance covers drain overflow and other drainage issues for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

What causes blocked drains?

The common reasons for drain overflow are drains blocked due to leaves, grease, fat, oils, human air and structural issues and faulty installations besides heavy rains and storms. Trees shed leaves and if they are not swept away and kept out of the drains the drains can become blocked. If grease and fat is poured down the drain they cling to the inner wall of the drain pipe a build up causing blockages in the future. When human hair goes down the drain It gets trapped and ends up plugging up the drain hole, this can lead to slow draining water in bath tubs and showers. There could also be structural issues with the drain pipes, such as cracks which cause leaking of waste into the earth, or collapsed drains which can lead to a full blockage.

Who deals with drain overflow?

You are sole responsible for the drains inside and outside of your home apart from sewers. Most of the sewers are publicly owned there may be some private ones. If your property is served by a private one, then you are responsible for the drains. You can report a blocked drain on a website like https://drainagecareuk.justinternetdns.co.uk. They are a professional drainage company with years of experience who can clean drains and will come out to fix drain blockages, burst pipes and  drain overflows.

Does home insurance cover drain overflow?

There are some companies that provide such an insurance cover. They provide cover and protection against drainage problems. They can help with the costs of having your drains repaired, or unblocked and also pay for the parts and labour.

Who is responsible for drain overflow?

As explained above, if the drains are on the property they are the owner’s responsibility, that is your landlord. The sewers are the responsibility of your local council. You or your landlord can report the blockage for repair. Besides, there are many private companies that offer excellent services.

Can blocked drains cause damp issues?

Blocked drains can leak and lead to a deterioration of plaster and masonry. It also promotes timber decay and creates musty and unhealthy conditions for occupants. This means that if the problems are not fixed from day one, they can cause structural failures at some point as a result of the damp conditions and other problems.

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