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Drainage systems are very important to any industrial, commercial or residential building. Drains ensure all the used water, sewers and liquid waste are channeled to the right pipes and dumping sites, therefore helping you to maintain a clean, hygienic environment around your building. However, drain systems are susceptible to various problems that range from blockages to broken pipes and overflows.

When you experience problems with your drainage systems, it is important to call for prompt services from the drain inspection experts. However, it is more advisable to hire drain inspection services from time to time before something does go bad. This can help you prevent damage to the buildings structure and anticipate replacements or repairs before they are due.

Who deals with drain inspection?

Drain inspection is primarily handled by professional engineers who hold profound knowledge and experience in the drainage industry. Our engineers perform a number of checks on your drain system and may use CCTV to inspect the condition of internal channels, pipes and obscure drains. Following inspection, they may suggest a couple of repairs (if necessary) including cleaning services, or advise you on how you can effectively maintain functional drain systems.

What causes blocked drains?

A blocked drain is the most common problem reported by homeowners and businesses alike. Drain channels are designed to allow the passage of liquid waste and water as well as soft solid waste that is often flushed from your sinks and toilets. However, some solid debris may accumulate inside your drains and slow down the rate at which water flows through the channels.

This may lead to overflows and the debris also act as a trap filter allowing little water through while holding more solid debris buildup, eventually blocking the channel. Blockages can happen when you do not flush as often, when solid debris falls into open drains or when you do not use the recommended toilet paper. Blockages can also happen when there is a difference in pipe diameter (when the outlet pipe is joined to another one with a much smaller diameter).

Does house insurance cover drain inspection?

Most standard house insurance options do not cover damages caused by unresolved maintenance but you may benefit from attempts to prevent damages before they happen. It is important to ask your insurance about such covers just to be sure especially since home insurance covers are quite varied. Drain inspection should fall under plumbing and insurance covers may only offer a substantial amount for maintenance services that are called for.

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