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Drain Fixers:

Drain damage can occur anywhere in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The drainage in these places differs in size and capacity, depending on the scale of the property and the amount of waste needed to be carried out of the building. Drainage repair can be done in the following ways… drain lining, installation, new pipe connection or even sewer connection.

Who needs drain repair?

Residential, commercial and industrial properties have sewage that accumulates, especially as long as activities such as manufacturing are going on. These three types of properties need drain maintenance regularly to avoid costly repair charges. If a drain is clogged or blocked, then a pipe repair has to be done before a full re-installation needs to be carried out.

What causes drain blockage?

Blocked and cracked drainage systems, as well as deformed and displaced pipes, lead to sewage and water flooding. These are some of the leading causes in residential, commercial and industrial properties. Blocked drains can be a health hazard if left unchecked and are also unpleasant to be around.

How are drains fixed?

There are many drain fixers available in this country, companies with the latest technology and expert waste engineers to carry out the repairs and maintenance. One of those expert companies is none other than Drainage Care UK. Drain clearance is one of our primary services within the drainage industry. Imagine waste water sewer overflowing onto your property, the stench and health implications can be unpleasant to the residents and neighbours as well.

What methods of clearance are used?

High-pressure water jetting, blockage extraction with the use of tankers, CCTV drain survey (used to diagnose the root effect\cause of the blockage) and electro-mechanical drain clearing methods can be used to clear blocked drains. These are just a few of the services that Drainage Care UK offer to our clients.

Why is it important to have sewer connection?

Every drain has to have an endpoint where the sewage is drained into. Having sewer connections is critical to having an efficient drainage system. Foul sewers and surface water sewers are necessary to have
to ensure that sewage can drain well and has very little chance of overflowing. For sewers to be installed, property owners have to obtain approval from the local water authority as well as a processed Sewer
Connection Application.

What are cost implications drain blockages?

The cost of repairing blocked drains can go high if failure to report the obstruction to the maintenance company is delayed. The costs depend on the following:

  • Initial inspection to find out what is responsible for the drainage
  • The methods to be used in clearing the blockage, for example, water jetting or electro-mechanical ‘drain clearing.
  • Clearing and cleaning the area
  • Future maintenance

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