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If you are experiencing drainage issues on your personal, industrial, or commercial property, then you may need to consider hiring an expert drain contractor such as Drainage Care UK. Drain contractors install, repair and clean drainage systems for the removal of water and silt from areas experiencing over saturation. This process does not involve municipal piping at all. Instead, our contractors will redirect runoff to the municipal system via catch basins. Working with a professional contractor is important as there are many calculations that go into the construction of drainage systems, including water flow and accumulation rates.

You may wonder, “Why do I need to be concerned about excess water build up on my property? How much water build up can I allow before I need to hire a drain contractor?” From an aesthetic standpoint, any excess water build up on your lawn can create unsightly bare spots, which reflects poorly on both residential and commercial land owners.

Excess buildup can also create dirt puddles and gullies, both of which are unsightly for any property, but can also be a liability for a commercial land owner. Even more alarming, however, is the damage that outside water buildup can cause to interior portions of your property. If left unchecked by a drainage consultant, this water can seep into the basement of your property through various weak-points in its construction, which can lead to massive property damage.

It may sound like this is a pretty expensive proposition, but the price you pay today will save you immensely in the future. While homeowners insurance doesn’t generally cover the installation of, or cleaning of drains, it also generally doesn’t cover any damage that might occur as a result of improper drainage.

So when you have a proper drainage system installed, you’ll probably find that the drains will eventually need to be cleaned. Many contractors are willing to come out to clean your drains on a regular basis for an additional fee. It is not very hard to maintain a drainage system after it has been installed, but it is always wiser to hire a regular drainage inspector to keep your drains in tip top shape.

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