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Drain companies tend to specialise in drain blockage clearance and any other drain issues that may arise in residential, commercial and industrial properties. These companies have experienced drainage technicians who attend to affected properties to resolve any blockages that may arise and answer questions that may arise.

What services are offered?

There is a lot of competition in drain companies to provide the best services and to use the latest technology. Services offered by drain companies include drain maintenance, drain repairs, drain cleaning, CCTV surveys, installation of new systems, drain mapping, drain jetting and much more. Once a call is made, our technicians will determine how to go about the issues at hand.

What are the costs of the services?

Charges may vary from residential, commercial to industrial. For residential properties, a standard fixed rate may be applied depending on the company policy to avoid unexpected charges once work has been completed. Commercial and industrial properties may be charged at an hourly rate depending on drainage services to be provided and the extent of the damage to be repaired.

What are some causes of blockage?

A number of reasons can result to you calling the maintenance drain company to help with drainage issues. Some of these problems are minor and may be caused by issues such as poorly serviced drains, or blockages by fats, oils, grease, food waste and much more that has accumulated over time. These can be cleared using high pressure water jetting.

In serious cases technicians have found collapsed drain pipe walls which are diagnosed with the help of a CCTV drain survey followed by a full report of the situation to effectively carry out the repairs.

How often should drains be inspected by the company?

Drainage experts recommend property owners to have their systems checked at least every year or two to make sure that sewage is flowing throughout the sewer as it should be and that pipes are in a good condition to avoid leakage.

Can insurance pay for blockage?

Home insurances often covers the cost of the work done by drainage companies and in the unlikely event that a property has no insurance cover, the company and client can always come to an agreement on how the services will be paid for.

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