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There are few things more irritating to deal with in your home or business than a blocked drain. They can range from minor irritations to major issues which can lead to all kinds of property damage. You might be able to deal with some of these drainage problems yourself, but for any blockages which are difficult to access and just refuse to budge, you need a professional team by your side.

If you’re looking for an experienced team to deal with your blocked drains, get in touch with Drainage Care UK today. Our team have spent many years in dealing with all kinds of blocked drains in a wide range of properties across the South West of England. We can help to shift blockages of all kinds, no matter where they are located on your property.

Drainage Care is experienced in dealing with drain problems with a cost effective solution, we come highly recommended with 5* reviews able to deal with drain blockages. We are drain specialists that have seen it all, from tree roots in drains to drain cleaning, we even offer CCTV surveys!

What Causes Blocked Drains?

There are many ways in which your drains can become blocked. Sometimes, this can be due to your own negligence in looking after your property’s drainage systems. In many circumstances, however, your drains can become blocked through no fault of your own. Understanding why your drains are blocked is essential when deciding on the perfect treatment for the blockage. In most cases, it can also help you to prevent these blockages from occurring repeatedly.

Just some of the most common causes of blocked drains in homes and businesses can include:

  • Collapsed Pipes and Drains – In the worst cases, certain pipes or drains in your system might have suffered too much damage over time. Whether this is due to being under too much pressure from the water system, or if the pipe chosen was unsuitable for its location or role, it is an issue which needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. It is easy for water and waste to leak out into the surrounding soil and cause a range of different issues for your property.
  • Food Waste, including FOGs – Food waste is a common cause of pipe blockages. Fats, oils and greases (FOGs) can easily create impossible to shift blockages over time. These substances can adhere to the pipe in question and quickly pile up to narrow the available space for water flow. In many cases, they can also stick to food waste as it passes by, creating an extremely resistant blockage in your pipe. These issues normally affect kitchen drains.
  • Hair, Dirt and Soap Scum – In your shower or bath, the mixture that flows down the drain is extremely likely to result in a blockage at some point. Loose hairs are extremely strong and resilient. When you combine this with the dirt you are washing off, and the soap scum you are creating, it is all too easy for this mixture to create a difficult to move blockage in your pipes.
  • Flushed Waste – If you choose to flush unsuitable materials, it is all too easy to create a blockage in your pipes. Kitchen roll, baby wipes and feminine products will not pass through your drains like toilet paper would. As a result, they can easily become trapped in the pipes.

Identifying exactly what kind of blockage you’re suffering from, and where it is located in the property, is essential when it comes to dealing with the issue. A professional team will be able to identify the blockage as quickly as possible using industry-leading CCTV drain surveys. CCTV drain surveys are an essential part of effective drain maintenance in Swindon.

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The Dangers of Blocked Drains in Salisbury

Any kind of blocked drain can lead to all kinds of problems in your property. Some of these are irritating and distracting on a daily basis, whereas others are harmful to your health or can cause damage to your property.

If the water access in the pipe is lowered, due to a build-up of waste around the edge of the drain, then it can easily become blocked. Alternatively, this can lead to a wide range of other issues in your property, including gurgling in the drains or slow-draining sinks, showers or toilets.

Other issues can include human waste being caught in the drains, or water becoming trapped. This can lead to a range of extremely unpleasant smells around all your drainage pipes. In addition to being unpleasant to be around, this can often lead to a range of health issues.

Get in Touch with Drainage Care for Drains Unblocking in Salisbury

Here at Drainage Care, our team can help you to clear all kinds of blocked drains. We can provide a comprehensive range of drain services in Salisbury, including CCTV drain surveys, drains unblocking and drain repair or replacement services as required.

For more information on our range of blocked drain services in Salisbury, get in touch with our team today. You can call us directly on 0800 193 9973 or, if you prefer, use our simple online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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