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Have you ever found yourself with a blocked drain and you’re unsure on what to do next? Blocked drains Kingston have the answer. We are able to deliver a wide range of different drainage services for residential and commercial properties across the Kingston area. Our experienced team of experts are able to help find the cause and gather a solution that means the problem can be solved.

If you believe you have a blocked drain get in touch with us! For more information on our large range of groundworks and drainage services contact our team today. You can do this directly through 0800 193 9973. Alternatively, you can contact us through our simple contact form with any queries or concerns you may have, we aim to get back to as soon as we can.

Our First Visit

When we first visit we assess the situation and find out the cause of the problem. Often, blocked drains occur due to a number of different factors. This can be because of the way you treat your drains or because of environmental factors beyond your control.

Blockages have the ability to cause a wide range of problems to both residential and commercial areas, this means it is crucial to make sure that you understand how and why your pipes are blocked in order to prevent the problem returning.

By offering a drain survey in Kingston we are able to determine the problem, drain clearance is often needed and a small drain repair may need to be made. However, if your drainage problems are worse than we first believed then we might need to carry out further drain cleaning, Kingston is one of the most popular areas with many locals in Kingston using our services.

Blocked Drains Kingston – Why Do I Have A Blocked Drain?

Materials are able to cause a lot of drain blockages, these materials are the biggest culprit we see when conducting our investigations. Flushing the wrong things is the biggest problem with non-degradable products being flushed such as:

  • Kitchen Roll
  • Sanitary products
  • Wet Wipes & Baby Wipes

These can become blocked in the pipes and cause drain issues which are difficult to move. This means that often there is a slow draining toilet, unpleasant smells and human waste becoming trapped in the pipe. Leaving these products to build up, even more, means that the problem is able to become worse.

These products have the ability to cause drains and pipes collapsing as they are very vulnerable to collapsing when they are blocked, most commonly happening to drains that are the last to join the main sewer lines. As these pipes are placed under a lot of pressure by the rest of the drainage system becoming blocked can impact them. These pipes also have the ability to become blocked by plant growth and soil movement around them, which can cause them to collapse due to the pressure they’re under.

Pipes can often be impacted by tree roots, an environmental factor out of your control, often happening when a tree root or other natural growth enters your drain attracted by the moisture in the pipes’ cracks. Once entered they can grow extremely quickly and can cause more and more problems to the system. Unfortunately, this is an environmental factor out of your control, therefore often the root of the problem is not found until we start our investigation.

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How Can I Prevent This?

You’re able to prevent this from occurring by not flushing any non-degradable products down the toilet. Always dispose of any rubbish in the correct way and only flush products down the toilet that are suitable for this way of disposal.

However, food waste especially fats, oils and grease are often disposed of in in the wrong way which can cause a major issue. These substances are able to cling onto the side of your pipes and can build up extremely quickly. With the ability to close your drain or reduce the width at a certain point causing pressure on the pipes and therefore the rest of the system.

These substances are one of the hardest to move, especially without the right equipment, able to cause corrosion to the pipes quickly. Therefore it is important to get this problem sorted as soon as possible. Blocked drains Kingston is able to use the best equipment and can offer advice to prevent this problem from happening again.

Our number one tip is to never dispose of something in the wrong way, by doing this you’re putting too much pressure on your pipes which can cause extreme problems especially if they are left to get worse.

Why Is Blocked Drains Such A Problem?

Not only do block drains cause more problems than they’re meant to, they can also pose health risks, resulting in a hazardous environment for you to be around. Unpleasant smells coming from your drains are a key warning sign that your health is at risk, and should be sorted as soon as possible, whether it is a residential or commercial property.

Drainage issues are able to cause a variety of different problems to your property, from small issues such as slow-draining, gurgling drains, and sinkholes. To the worst-case scenario of blockages and increased pressure on your drainage system. Not only are they able to burst but they can also cause property damage, damp, mould, and potential flooding.

It is therefore critical to deal with any of these problems in a quick and timely manner, otherwise not only can you end up with a high repair bill but also be living in an environment which is detrimental to your health.

Contact Blocked Drains Kingston

If you believe you have a blocked drain then you need to contact us here at Drainage Care UK today. Helping to keep your drains clear and in working order, we can offer advice and solutions if you find yourself with any drain problems.

With the use of our industry-leading technology, we can find any blockage quickly through our CCTV drain surveys. Available 24 hours a day 365 days a year you can see why we’re so popular in Kingston upon Thames. We have decades of experience in treating drains and also specialise in problems with septic tanks, no problem is ever too big for us!

Not only do we offer drain unblocking services for our customers in Kingston, but we also have other services including high-pressure water-jetting services. At Drainage Care we provide the best service for our customers, we have seen every difficult situation and been able to find a solution, therefore do not be put off by your problem and get in contact today. With the best customer service and the best results.

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