4 DIY Techniques About Drain Unblocking You’ll Wish You Knew Before

The most common causes of drain blockages come from chemical concentrations, waste food and grease buildups in domestic homes. These clogs at their worst will require a professional drainage engineer to clean the drainage system or even repairs.

However, you may be able to remove or temporary treat the blockage with some home methods and tools before contacting a professional drainage engineer.

In this article Drainage Care UK will cover 4 DIY techniques about drain unblocking that you wish you knew before.

1. Flushing your pipes with Hot / Boiling Water

This technique is simple but effective it requires you to boil water or turn on a hot tap and let the hot water do the work. This technique can be often looked over as it’s a simple procedure, but the hot water helps to break up waste food and chemicals left behind by daily use it.

This technique should be left to run for up to 15minutes the pure heat and fiction of the water should be enough to dislodge any food or greasy build ups that are affecting the efficiency of your drainage system.
This is the simplest DIY drain cleaning technique you can do.

2. Use The Tools You Already Have

You may have overlooked cleaning your drain with tools you might already have, before going out and buying any plumbing equipment try using the following tools and equipment to perform quick and easy drain unblocking techniques.

Do you have a plunger? It might be the perfect solution to unblocking your drains, you can buy specialised plungers which are an ideal fit for sinks.

No matter which plunger you must hand, it can be used to dislodge a blockage from a drain pipe using pressure, there is a certain technique used to optimise the amount of pressure in the system. You should steadily build up the pressure using the plunger for roughly 1-2minutes.

If you are unblocking a sink you will need to cover up the water overflow so that pressure doesn’t escape via the vent.

3. Domestic Liquid Solutions

If the above recommendations didn’t free up the blockage you’re suffering from you might want to try some liquid drain cleaners these solutions are designed to break down even the toughest buildups of grease or chemicals.

There is a solution that can be made from household ingredients such as vinegar and baking soda concoction. These products can be found in most homes and once mixed together cause a chemical reaction which happens to break down grease and other chemical build-ups.

The procedure is relatively simple just pour one cup full of baking soda and one cup of vinegar, allow the solution the react in the system for 3 to 5 minutes before adding boiling water if all goes well your drain should free up and the hot flowing water will break up the remainder of the blockage.

4. Soda Drinks

It is often overlooked that soda drinks such as coke a cola, Pepsi & Sprite can be used to dissolve blockages in drain pipes and can be a much safer process than a household drain unblocking detergent. They contain phosphoric acid which can quickly break down grease and other chemicals.

These soda drinks are surprisingly good at unblocking sinks as the sugars and phosphoric acid work together to dissolve any food or grease left over.

It’s best to leave the soda in the drain for at least 30minutes for the most effective results. Ensure there is minimal water in the drain as this may dilute the solution and reduce its effectiveness.

Still Having Trouble your Drains?

If none of the above recommendations helped to unclog your sink or drainage system, it is likely that there is a much bigger underlining issue that requires a professional and experience drain cleaning service.

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