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Drain Relining An Alternative Repair

Drain relining specialists like us, Drainage Care UK, can repair a broken pipe that’s been damaged by a blockage, ground movement, displaced joints or cracks and seal out unwanted roots by installing a liner inside your existing pipe. For many years, the only way to repair a damaged pipe was to dig them up and replace the affected sections. Relining is a no-dig solution and is far less intrusive on your property or commercial premises. Relining saves garden beds, lawns, patios, sheds, conservatories, driveways and irreplaceable items like a 200-year-old tree. Most of all relining helps to reduce cost and in most cases, will be done in less than a day.

Drainage Care UK offer a wide range of relining products to suit your drainage system and your drainage needs. After an inspection of your problem, we will offer you a CCTV report and give you a detailed review of what is going on underground, you’ll be able to see for yourself and watch back our findings. It may be that relining is perfect for you and in some cases, we can patch areas of pipework without having to line a large section. In all these cases our fleet of vehicles are ready to go there and then.

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