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Blocked drains Bournemouth most of us have experienced the awful situation of having a problem with a blocked toilet or blocked sink. Having the water levels rising up instead of draining is the most unpleasant thing. Clogged drains can lead to trouble if these are not dealt quickly.

Common Causes Of Blocked Drains Bournemouth:

Many times environmental factors like tree roots are the main culprits for damaged pipes. Collapsed drains and fractured pipes are frequent causes of blocked drains in Bournemouth is a city featuring beautiful trees and more than likely will require drain repairs to be carried out. The roots of these trees go deep inside and come in contact with pipes and eventually problems occur.

Fine roots can enter piping and clog them while the larger ones can push on pipes and crush them resulting in a blockage.   Heavy traffic in Bournemouth is another reason for problems. The heavy and large vehicles compress the earth and many a times results in an intense pressure buildup leading to the crushing of pipes and blockade.

Cooking oils and fat from the household end or foreign objects leads to internally blocked drains in Bournemouth. Other common items like paper towels, nappies, and sanitary pads when mistakenly flushed down can cause a blockage.

Drain Cleaning of Drainage Blockages Bournemouth:

Sometimes the clogged plumbing can be cleaned by rodding, flushing hot water, etc. However, majority of the time a professional help is needed. Services offered can provide cleaning with the help of plumbers and professionals in case of stubborn clogs. The professional carry specialised equipment for any kind of plumbing job.

Blocked Drains Bournemouth professional’s first survey the pipeline using a CCTV video and starts with the cleaning only after the location and cause of clogging is found out. Crushed pipes need to replace or repaired. Rodding is the simplest solution for blocked pipes. Professionals can use a plunger to clear the pipe. A long wire, electric eel is a flexible drill which can pull out the clog and breaks the clog into small pieces.

Using the high-pressure water jet is another method to remove the clog. It is attached to a flexible line up. Using the hydraulic force, the nozzle pulls the line into the sewer and cleans the pipes. This is the most efficient method of removing the clog. In this way, most blockages can be removed and pipe surface can be cleaned without having any deposits of materials which would cause re-blocking.   For breaking hard objects, the professional use truck-mounted systems. These systems can even break hard objects like tree roots. It breaks with the force of the spray.

If you are experiencing problems with blocked drains Bournemouth call the professionals and get the problem solved. After unblocking the drains, the professionals check the pipework using their CCTV so as to ensure the complete removal of the blockage.

Pre-maintenance using CCTV Surveys:

Leaving a problem with plumbing or drainage can cause structural damage to property. Hence, it should not be left unchecked and preventive maintenance should be carried out. This helps to save for long term and is a better alternative to the costly repairing of sewer systems.

Though the 24/7 emergency help for blocked pipes are available, commercial, industrial and household’s drainage’s should be checked time to time to avoid calling a professional in an emergency situation.

We at Drainage Care UK strive to give our customers 100% satisfaction when it comes to resolving drainage problems. Our dedicated team of drainage technicians are ready to come out and unblock drains, carry out CCTV drain surveys and also repair drain linings in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas.

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